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Catering and Hospitality

Chefs - Kitchen porter - Catering Assistant - Barista - Bartender  Sommelier - Waiting Staff - Cashiers Management

Angel Recruitment has a wealth of hospitality & catering expertise. We’ve worked with the likes of Novotel, the House of Lords and Shangri La.  From cafes to gastropubs, hotels to corporate caterers and schools, we get it.


Do you need a coffee afficionado? A kitchen porter who won’t give up till that glass is sparkling clean? A Chef who can knock up the best sticky toffee pud you’ve ever tasted? A bartender who’ll transport you to the back streets of Rome with their Negroni?



We’ll get you covered for Front and Back of house to keep those plates spinning and Chefs cooking. From starter to management no role is off the cards.



Are you a Bartender who can make that Negroni or the client who could do with one right now? Click below to contact us now.

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