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Angel are UK top 100 recruitment agency and we’ve been in the business since 1965.

Cast your mind back to 1965, Janet Crawford is sitting in a tiny room in Bond Street with one desk and one phone. Janet had a candidate looking for care work but no clients. She rang round London Care homes using that phone and on the third go, she got Angel their very first booking.


Fast forward to 2022, Angel has 5 Branches across the UK and is a top 100 UK Recruitment Agency. Her son Russell now runs Angel along with a few other family members and colleagues who were here from the beginning. Janet’s values are still very much at the core of the business.

Every company’s unique selling point (USP) is its employees. And, guess what? It works!


From our family-run foundation and our loyal team, to the clients and candidates we match, Angel HR is all about people and relationships. That’s why our core values are:


  • PUNCTUALITY – good time-keeping is simply good old fashioned respect for others in action

  • DEPENDABILITY – doing what we said we would do when we said we would do it in the best way we can

  • HARD WORK – we’re ready, willing and able to adapt to workplace needs and produce results

  • WELLBEING – well employees make a better contribution and are more likely to be positively engaged with their work, so we’re committed to taking care of each other

  • CARE – we love what we do, which means we can’t wait to do it!

  • PRIDE – we want you to love our service, so we’re no strangers to going above and beyond the call of duty!

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