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Win Interviews & Influence Recruiters with Your Soft Skills

The November edition of Psychologies magazine features an article called “The Future is Soft” which talks about the power of soft skills in the workplace.

Often associated with more ‘feminine’ attributes soft skills are often personality traits or capabilities honed over time and cannot be easily taught. (See the National Careers Service for a comprehensive list.)

What’s more they’re becoming more desirable to recruiters:

“Collaborative skills, empathy and emotional intelligence are being seen as essential skills,” says Geraldine Gallacher, managing director of Executive Coaching Consultancy, in the article.

While in it’s research paper, The Value of Soft Skills to the UK Economy:

Fast food giant McDonald’s predicts a growth in demand for soft skills, but also a significant soft skills deficit by 2020.

The paper reckons over half a million UK workers – notably those in HORECA, retail, health and social care – will find themselves adversely affected.

Meaning, it’s vital to both develop your soft skill set and to present them effectively when making applications. We’ve mentioned it before, but we’ll say it again:

Remember to show, not just tell, when it comes to listing skills on your CV!

Everyone says they’re great in a team and can work on their own initiative. Giving relevant and inspiring examples of your soft skills in action could make the difference to your application, and ultimately your career. Read more about soft skills in your CV HERE.

What Next?:

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