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Why It’s Vital to Take a Breather From Boundary-Stretching

If you, or someone near you, completed the 26.2 miles that make up the London Marathon on Sunday congratulations!

But, whether you took part or not we thought Post-Marathon Tuesday is a great time to reflect on the effects of stretching those boundaries – especially those career-limiting ones!

Because although it’s great to set goals, to reach and maybe even exceed them, as one 2016 Marathon participant told one paper:

“Crossing the famous finish line last year was surprisingly underwhelming. It was my first marathon, and I was expecting to feel like I had done after my usual half marathons – but instead I felt a little deflated, and – obviously – completely exhausted.”

Oh, right… So, what if we’ve made that move toward our dream goal and found all the effort it took to get there has left us, well, feeling not as jubilant as we anticipated?

Well, it’s kind of natural. Spring, summer, autumn, winter. Up, down, in and out. Not to get all woo woo about it but it’s part of the rhythm of life. (Not to mention completely expected after strenuous exercise!)

Sometimes you just need to congratulate yourself for getting to the finish line and relax into something less adrenaline-inducing for a bit.

Take time out with friends, go somewhere new, do something which will make you remember why you need to stay on track. Post-Marathon Tuesday (and beyond if you actually have run a real-life Marathon) is about taking care of yourself until those oh-so-stretched boundaries have readjusted and you realise you want to do it all again or go that bit further…

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