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Which sort of car are you? – cunning interviewer

Have you ever been to an interview and been asked something seemingly crazy? Like:

‘If you were a car what make would you be?’

You as Car

You probably haven’t thought about this, but maybe it’s time you did. Car salesmen know that people often buy cars that reflect their personality or how they want to be perceived.

Last year one US lease transfer company even asked voters what type of car they thought best suited their political preferences.

So summing up your personality in the form of a car acts as a kind of shorthand for interviewers.

Would you be a fast and fearless Ferrari, a solid and dependable Volvo or a fun and nippy Mini?

The Role & the Car

But if you’re asked this question in a job interview your answer should also be led by the type of role you’re applying for.

Say you’re going for an admin support role, then, you might want to think reliable and efficient, like a Fiat Panda or an Audi A1.

On the other hand if you’re being interviewed for a Head Chef role at a 5 star hotel you might want to think creative and classic and say something like Triumph Spitfire or maybe an MG Midget.

Get in Gear

Seemingly wacky questions like this are sprung on interviewees for a variety of reasons.

Left-field questions can:

Give the interviewer a glimpse into how you think on the spot
Provide post-probing query breathing space
Give a sneak peek into what it means to be you – in relation to the job at hand!

So, if you’ve gotten that interview be ready, willing and waiting for curious Qs like these.

What Next?:

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