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What it feels like to be The Boss’s Daughter # Finding A Niche

We all throw wobblies at some point or another when we’re just not sure if something’s for us. I’ve had my fair share of these and there’s always that niggle whether to go into something else. For me, the niggle is art and design or something creative. I’ve always wanted to try and merge the two, but how do you merge art and creativity with recruitment I hear you say? It all started with a copywriting course and that’s where I found a little niche of mine.


The course was a day long- and it really did give me a new lease of life! Here I was able to be as creative as I wanted, as long as what I wrote turned out in some form or another to be a job advert for something we were recruiting for. Why stick with the norm? There are thousands of companies out there looking for the same thing. How do you stand out? By being different.


Towards the end of the course, we had a go at writing a job advert using all the techniques we had learnt. I won a box of smarties for writing about dancing around tables, why sediment’s a no-no and the possible chance of this job leaving you light-headed and unsteady on your feet. Any guesses? (It was for a Sommelier.) Better yet, when passive candidates who weren’t even looking for a job give me a ring, I know I’m doing something right.


It’s always important to try to sneak something you enjoy into your daily work life and then it won’t feel so much like work! Through the art of adverts, I’ve found a little piece of joy.


Ever read a rhyming job advert? If you did, I probably wrote it.