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What it feels like to be The Boss’s Daughter # An Introduction

You may or may not be the boss’s son or daughter, but chances are you’ve probably worked with someone who is.


Hi, I’m Lily. That’s how I introduce myself to all the new starters. I’ll never use my surname or tell candidates or clients who I actually am. I may speak of the fact that we’re a family business, but do they need to know I’m part of the Angel family? No. Because we all are.


Too old to attend Busy Bees and with both my parents working full time, my first days at Angel were spent ripping sprockets off timesheets and printing out images of my favourite popstars. I don’t think Danny (who still works here) has ever recovered from the amount of paper I wasted. I was about 8 or 9 at the time. Now? I’m 32, working here 8 years and counting. I’d like to think my current job title is a result of a mix of both winnings and losings in a number of roles I’ve done here. From office assistant to resourcer, temp and perm consultant, to trying (and failing) to build up a cold desk, I’ve had my fair share of good and bad times here. Would everyone else get a chance like that? No. That’s where I admit, I definitely have been ‘the boss’s daughter’- trying my hand at everything in order to find the sweet spot of what I’m actually good at, and I’m extremely thankful for that. There’s no point shoving it under the carpet, Russell has worked hard at Angel for most of his life, just like his mother did. He wants to keep it in the family if he can. What’s different now is that because I have the experience, I don’t have a free ride of trying different things. If I fail to do my job, I know where the door is, just like everyone else.


I may have tried more roles at Angel but what’s important to me is the evidence that I’ve had the experience of doing a job that I’m now telling someone else to do. I want the respect of others in knowing I have the experience and ability, not just the title.


Lily Crawford