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Want to Get Ahead of the Other Candidates? – Go USP Yourself!

Think USPs are just for businesses? Think again!

Why USP?

Finding the right role for you begins with knowing your own Unique Selling Point or USP.

Don’t worry, ‘unique’ is a wee exaggeration, but communicating your value in a succinct way will help improve your chances of employment success.

Milky Way v Mars

Take chocolate. Before our waistlines began to bulge the fluffy and light Milky Way was marketed as: “The sweet you can eat between meals without ruining your appetite.”

Compare that to the FA-supporting, ‘manly’ Mars Bar, which apparently : “…helps you work, rest and play”!

Two chocolate bars two very different USPs designed to aid your decision-making.

Identify & Relate

So before you take the job application plunge:

Step 1: Identify your core USP
Step 2: communicate it in a manner relevant to the company and the role

Your USP should be your personal statement and as such, should be echoed throughout the recruitment process – think brand continuity!

Don’t Say: – As Manager at company X I oversaw the smooth-running of my department for 5 years – Every Manager and her dog will be saying that!

Do Say: – As Manager, for company X, departmental staff churn was the lowest in 5 years, and the team consistently exceeded its targets, boosting company profits by X%

Remember – The Hiring Manager is asking: “Why should I hire you?”. The last version tells them.

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What Next?

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