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USP Your Monday

USP Your Monday: This One Step Will Get You Closer to Your Career Goal

As the summer holidays come to a close and we get our back to school vibe on it’s a great opportunity to take a moment to assess where we are now.


At Angel, for example, we’ve decided now’s the time to extend our social media outreach. Et voila! USP Your Monday has hit the web waves – is that even a thing?

Anyway, simply put USP Your Monday is all about taking something small, manageable, thought-provoking, hopefully inspiring from your Monday and running with it.


Yes, we’re talking Unique Selling Points. And, no, they’re not just for businesses. All our candidates have their own USP and there’s an employer out there looking for it! Tweet It!

In fact in this day and age of self branding – Kim Kardashian, anyone? – you need to know yours to get where you really want to go.


So whether you’re making your next career move or wondering how to do what you want to do we’d like to ask you this:

What’s the single next step you could commit to today to get you nearer your career goal? Tweet It!

Being in September, it could mean taking a class, updating or reinvigorating your CV, asking that key contact for a coffee to get an insight into your dream industry, or signing up with a recruitment service provider, like Angel, who can help cheer you on your merry way to career fulfilment.

Whatever you decide to do, we’d like to hear from you! Share your #MyUSPMonday next steps in the comments below, or over on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Google+

Remember, our USP is all about our great clients and the great candidates we match them with, so your thoughts really matter to us.

Some next steps:
● Hotcourses for some, well, hot courses…
● Sign up here for more Angel advice & insights