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Angel Rota is an SAAS solution improving an organisation’s workforce management and team engagement and works across multiple industry sectors.

Our customers can now manage their whole workforce, internal or external, all on one single platform significantly optimising their workflow, management, control, and costs. It can be used by you anytime, anywhere in the world.

Our technology utilises advanced, machine developed algorithms that give our clients the confidence that all of the below functions, across both their internal and external workforces are easily covered with the utmost simplicity;


Time & Attendance

Performance Management


Reporting and Analytics

Our purpose is to give our customers, and their workforce, an innovative and easy to use solution that enables them to;

Save time

Improve efficiency

Raise engagement levels

Significantly reduce costs

Utilising Angel Rota’s technology reduces administration and saves you time, allowing our customers to focus their energy on continuous growth across their business whilst cutting down operating costs by up to 25%.

Benefits to Clients

Higher quality staff – A star-rating system to incentivise the staff on every shift.

Greater consistency and control – Our algorithms ensure clients get the same staff back again and again with increased control around bookings.

Lower Costs – Reduce operating costs and become more cost-competitive.

Save time – Place shift requests in seconds with confirmation as soon as a candidate says yes. Auto generated timesheets which you can approve at the click of a button.

Responsiveness – Place bookings, approve timesheets, amend start times 24/7 instantly through the technology.

Benefits to Candidates

Higher quality of jobs – Ratings incentivise employers to treat temporary staff well, choose regulars.

Greater Flexibility – Choose when and where they want to work

More clarity – Access shift details at any time, check locations, nearest bus stops, uniform etc.

Increased pay – By reducing operating costs, it gives you the opportunity to pay candidates more to gain greater quality and retention of staff.

Reap the £££ with ANGEL ROTA

Join Angel Rota and once you’ve worked 25 shifts with us, if you refer a friend and they work the same amount, you’ll get £75 bonus. Refer 3 people and that amount triples!

Give us a call on 0207 940 2000 or email and let us help you find your next job!