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Q & Angel: Angel’s CEO Gets a Grilling & Spills Some Career Beans

Welcome to our first Q&A Wednesday – more aptly named Q & Angel – this is our weekly whistlestop tour around the minds of our Angel team, clients and candidates.

In just 10 questions, we aim to give you a sneak peek into the world of recruitment, whether via a career theme, industry-focused insights or some Angel wisdom – we’ve been celebrating the big 5-0 this year you know!

First up, Russell Crawford, CEO of Angel Group:

1. First off, what makes Angel different to other recruitment agencies, because some agencies have a reputation for being all numbers no soul, right?

Well, yes, you could say that. But, what makes Angel different is the fact we see all our candidates as people, individuals with something to give.

Janet Crawford, Angel’s founder, believed there’s a role for everyone and so do I.

2. What makes a great candidate?

Someone who knows enough about who they are and what they’re aiming for, but is adaptable to changing situations and is willing to think outside the box.

3. What makes a successful candidate-client match in your view?

Having first matched the essential criteria required to fulfil the role it comes down to things like cultural fit. Basically, and this comes back to knowing yourself I suppose, you need to have a good idea of your values. Look at the company mission statement, do your aims and ideas correspond with theirs, for example?

You may fit logically, but, ultimately, you must both ‘click’ too.

4. Angel, as a company, has a great employee retention record. What’s the secret to a happy workplace?

Cultural fit, treating people well and acknowledging good work is key.

5. In fact, Angel’s been celebrating 50 years in the business this year! Happy anniversary! What’s been your crowning achievement so far?

Opening in a variety of locations across England. We now have 11 offices nationwide, as well as working with placements and candidates overseas.

6. An odd one, but who’s that funny chap on the Angel company logo?

Oh, yes, that guy! He’s a visual representation of a dilemma we all face in life – creating balance. From work-life balance to livable salary versus dream job everything has it’s pros and cons.

“The difference between the devil and the deep blue sea – is Angel.” That’s the thinking behind it. And, that’s what we strive to do – help our candidates and clients achieve that balance.

7. Russell, in your youth you were a jazz musician and toured Europe, what has that experience taught you and how have you used it in your job?

I think the dedication it takes to learn an instrument can be applied to most any role. In terms of having the capacity to apply yourself, it certainly helped me, and is essential in making it successfully to a post like CEO.

At the end of the day: A successful jazz tour comes down to reliability and teamwork, like any role!

8. Any advice for others on making the most of transferable skills?

I suppose to not undervalue the skills you have. They may not relate directly to the job in hand but as illustrated in the above question they can most definitely be applied. Look at your hobbies, things you love to do outside of work – if you’re not in your dream role – and consider why you’re good at them, why you enjoy them, how you do them differently to anyone else.

9. Words of wisdom for candidates on taking their next career step?

You could do worse than sign up with Angel, of course! Otherwise, I’d say: Don’t do nothing, do something!

10. Talking of taking small steps to reach a big goal. What’s your next step?

Next, for Angel, we’re looking to really engage with our candidates and get a feel for where they are now and how we can best help them get where they want to go.

We’ve got some exciting sector-focused projects in the pipeline too – we cover a number of sectors here.

Plus, as globalisation becomes an ever more important factor in business, Angel is looking at how to create boundless opportunities for our candidates and clients, no matter where they are in the world – sounds like a big step, but it’s an exciting one, which is vital to real success, of course!