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Q & Angel: 2016 – How to Have a Career Resolution Revolution!

So, you’ve decided 2016 is going to be your career year. You start the new year on a high filled with ambition, determination and energy. Then real life hits.

According to statistics just one in ten of us will have reached our 2015 resolutions. That’s pretty terrible isn’t it?! We don’t want you to be career resolution casualty, so we’ve asked our team to give you a 2016 career pep talk.

Here, our Angel consultants give their top 10 pearls of 2016 career-winning wisdom. Tweet: Here, our Angel consultants give their top 10 pearls of 2016 career-winning wisdom. @Angel_HR_UK #QAngel

First, whatever your career goals giving your career a check-up is key…

1. New Year is a great time to consider where you are now and ask yourself some searching questions, like:

How do I feel about my career?
What are the pros and cons?
Do I enjoy my job?
Is my job helping to progress my career?

If there’s room for improvement consider: taking on new responsibilities; finding out what it would take to secure a promotion or change sectors; or sign up with an agency for news on new positions.

Another thing you should do whether changing your job or not is keep your CV up-to-date…

2.Why? First, if a recruiter or a contact calls out of the blue with a great job opportunity, you’re good to go. Second, it’s easier to update your accomplishments when they’re fresh in your mind, rather than trying to remember them after.

Plus any online career-based information, like LinkedIn or portfolios, will always be available to view so make sure your bio and details are relevant and represent who and where you are now. (And if you aren’t online, you should be!)

If you didn’t meet many of your 2015 targets it might be time to look at how you’re setting your goals.

3. As over simplistic as it may seem creating a step-by-step list of your career-related projects or tasks can significantly improve your productivity. Bite-size tasks will increase your momentum as you see the items checked off your list. [For more info on SMART goals look at our blog.]

So, if you’re facing a big challenge take small steps.

4.If you’re returning to work after a career break, for example, throwing yourself in at the deep end can be daunting. In that case temporary, flexible or part-time working could work for you.

Temping gives you a chance to get into the swing of things without the commitment, while part-time working can ease you in that bit slower without jeopardising your home life – particularly pertinent to mums and others with caring responsibilities.

What about taking the next step?

5. Looking to take a step up? It’s not about just deserts but showcasing your career value. Tweet: Looking to take a step up? It’s not about just deserts but showcasing your career value. @Angel_HR_UK #QAngel

Show you know what the company needs to move towards its goals and what you can bring to the table. If you’re not sure you’re appropriately clued up speak to your team leader, or consultant, then set targets and work towards them.

How about a complete career change?

6. Career changes can seem insurmountable, but, again, start small. Check out the soft skills and qualifications your desired sector demands and compare your transferable skills.

Often career changes can involve a bit of a side step, you may find yourself doing work experience, for example, but this will show your enthusiasm and could give you the information and contacts you need to make a successful transition.

Speaking of which, networking is a vital component in your career armoury.

7. It may feel creepy or just plain awkward but the fact remains that many jobs are attained through an acquaintance in your network, whether that’s a friend of a friend or a career consultant. Plus, if you wait till you’re looking for a new job to network then you will sound needy and awkward – won’t you?

Consider: attending sector conferences, getting to know your old colleague’s new co-workers, or even joining a relevant group on or LinkedIn.

Support improves your chances of success. Tweet: Support improves your chances of success. @Angel_HR_UK #QAngel

8.Enlist the emotional support of family and friends to get you through challenges and give you the determination to stick to your plan. Need more formal guidance? Find a mentor – this could be a team leader, a recruitment consultant or a paid for coach. You could also join a support group, either virtual or real life. All these will help keep you on the right track – no-one does it alone.

In fact, you should prepare yourself for setbacks.

9. As you work towards your goal you’ll discover obstacles. The key is to factor this in as part of the process. This may sound pessimistic, but:

Think Indiana Jones or Star Wars, there are always pitfalls and bad guys to overcome. Tweet: Think Indiana Jones or Star Wars, there are always pitfalls and bad guys to overcome. @Angel_HR_UK #QAngel

If you’re mentally prepared you’ll more easily accept setbacks and move forward, rather than using ‘failures’ as proof of your loser status and give up. [Check out Making the Big Leap: 7 Steps to Living a Brave, Inspired and Great Life by Psychologies magazine editor Suzy Greaves, for more on this.]

You should also document and acknowledge your successes!

10. Recording your progress creates tangible proof that you can succeed and proves you’re making progress toward your goal. You can then use that as motivation whenever you are struggling or doubting your progress.

Now over to you:
Have any thoughts on what you’ve read? Got any burning questions we could put to future Q & Angel guests? As ever, we want to hear what you’ve got to say!

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