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Our Wonder Guide to Christmas Jobs

Think it’s too early to be thinking Christmas? Did you know Christmas began in Oxford Street in July this year?! In fact NOW is definitely the time to be going for those seasonal temp roles.


From those behind-the-scenes pickers and packers to the glittering world of hospitality it’s all go at Christmas. So, this Q & Angel Wednesday we found out what Christmas candidates like yule (“you all” – geddit?) can get out of the wealth of seasonal opportunities available.


  1. Who’s looking for Christmas staff then?


It’s not just retailers like Amazon or Argos who need extra warehouse staff and e-commerce administrators to cope with Christmas.


The hospitality industry also sees a surge in activity over the festive season – from office parties to families who celebrate by eating out. That means kitchen, waiting, hotel and bar staff are often in demand. While other companies may want staff to cover holidays. It could be anything from an office administrator to care home support worker.


  1. When do Christmas roles start being advertised?


Most seasonal roles start being advertised from around September. With many places taking on people in October onwards.


  1. How long do Christmas roles last for?


It will vary. Royal Mail, for example, really needs people in the run-up to their last posting deadline (before Christmas). While the hospitality, care and retail industries usually need extra cover throughout the entire season, up to and over the New Year.


  1. Apart from cash what benefits do Christmas jobs provide?


Temp jobs can be a great way to gain key experience, improve your CV and make contacts – without the committing to a permanent job. Plus, companies may look to offer excellent staff permanent positions after the end of their Christmas contract.


  1.  Any tips then, for those wanting to get a permanent role?


Remember: if you’re interested in getting a permanent role with your temp company do let your employer know. And, make sure you’re outstanding. Volunteer to do things, don’t just wait to be asked.


  1. What sort of hours can I expect to work?


Seasonal hours tend to be more flexible – with both full and part-time temporary jobs available. And, in a variety of different shift patterns too. But that doesn’t mean you can always pick and choose when you work …


  1. You mean, workers need to be flexible too?


Being adaptable is really key to temp roles like these. That might mean working on those days others are spending with family and friends. Think: Christmas Eve, Boxing Day, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.


You may also need to be flexible in terms of role. Some places will want people who can support the face-to-face sales team one day and the behind the scenes staff the next – depending on business needs. Or, for temp chefs and waiters, say, you may need to be flexible in terms of place of work. Some roles can mean working in a range of places in a given area (e.g. care). So, be ready to travel!


  1. What other skills will I need?


Obviously an ability to learn quickly – and often on the job – is expected. While, working to deadlines and using your initiative are other key skills employers will be looking for.


The National Career Service has some clear guidance on the kind of skills you need for various roles. While their Skills Health Check can help you decide what kind of roles are right for you or where you need to brush up. Our Angel Values video is also a useful tool in terms of desirable soft skills. CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE VIDEO


  1. Are Christmas roles less competitive?


Just because a role isn’t permanent it doesn’t mean you should skimp on the effort you put into applying. Your CV must still be clear and accurate, highlighting relevant experience and skills – like the ones mentioned above.


  1. Any other thoughts?


Yes, don’t think of seasonal working as a case of everyone else having fun. Actually being in a festive atmosphere and being busy can be really motivating. And, often service users, customers and clients are in good spirits too. A great Christmas role can help you start the new year on the right foot. An upbeat one!


And a great place to start? Sign up with your local agency. Interested candidates can sign up with Angel HR quickly and easily HEREOr contact your local branch for more info on the opportunities available near you HERE.


Now over to you:


Are you looking for a new role? Got any burning questions? We’d love to hear from you!


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