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Our HR Angels Run 10K to Raise Over £3.5K

This summer girls from our Hammersmith, Southampton and London Bridge branches ran the Race for Life in aid of Cancer Research and Angel HR were proud to support them.

Cancer is more than a number

Every two minutes someone in the UK is told they have cancer. That’s a scary statistic, right? And as the ageing population grows this number is only set to increase.

We at, Angel HR, know first hand how cancer affects peoples’ lives, whether through personal experience or via the work we do through the Angel Care team.

And so it was with a sense of both pleasure and pride that we supported some of our girls in raising a fantastic £3,743 by running 10K for Cancer Research’s Race for Life this summer!

Cancer Research doesn’t receive any Government funding for its work, so events like Race for Life are vital to helping them “…continue [their] groundbreaking work and help more people survive cancer.”

With 80p in every pound going directly towards this work, the charity estimate that as little as £150 helps a Cancer Chat nurse learn the latest health advances, while £457 pays for one man in a trial into treating prostate cancer early. To find out more why not visit their website at

We Walk Our Talk

We at Angel are always keen to go the extra mile. In 2013, alone, we spent 1,216,000 minutes on the phone after hours; much of which was spent assisting our private care clients and their families – sometimes in life or death situations.

Our belief in the importance of walking our talk even saw us receive the ‘Best EMEA Community Impact’ award, in recognition of our continued support of the communities in which we work, earlier this year.

The Angel Team – Care

Added to which our dedicated Angel Care team, who work with cancer sufferers and their families every day, felt that sponsoring their fellow team members to run Race for Life was a vital opportunity to raise awareness of the impact of the disease:

“This is an amazing opportunity to support Cancer Research, but more than that, it’s a great way for cancer patients to stay optimistic. Race for Life highlights to cancer victims the importance of staying active, sharing experiences and being part of the wider community,” said Angel Care. “Giving them the courage to fight this pernicious disease head-on.”

How Long to Beat Cancer?

And we couldn’t agree more. Raising money for Cancer Research through their Race for Life scheme couldn’t be easier. Once entered for the race you can set up a JustGiving page which allows people to support you with the touch of a button.

Our girls ran 10K – apparently that’s equivalent to a stroll along London’s Grand Union Canal – and helped raise over £3,500, but Cancer Research still has a some way to go to beat cancer. Race for Life and events like it just go to show that together we can make a difference.