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Please make sure you read and understand the Key Information Document for clarification on your pay and contract. 

If you have any questions, please ask your consultant. You can call Head office on 0207 940 2000 or email if you need further assistance.

The Employment Agency Standards (EAS) Inspectorate is the government authority responsible for the enforcement of certain agency worker rights. You can raise a concern with them directly on 020 7215 5000 or through the Acas helpline on 0300 123 1100, Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm.




  • Name of employment business: Angel Human Resources Limited

  • Your employer (if different from the employment business): Angel Human Resources Limited

  • Type of contract you will be engaged under: Contract for Services

  • Who will be responsible for paying you (if different from your employer): Angel Human Resources

  • How often you will be paid: Weekly

  • Expected or minimum rate of pay: National minimum wage or above

  • Deductions from your pay required by law: Income tax, NI, pension if opted in

  • Any other deductions or costs from your pay (to include amounts or how they are calculated): No

  • Any fees for goods or services: No

  • Holiday entitlement and pay: 12.07% per hour worked (The current statutory entitlement to paid annual leave under the Working Time Regulations is 28 days, inclusive of bank holidays.)

  • Additional benefits: Accredited training, pension if opted in




  • Example rate of pay: £11.44 based on 40 hrs = £457.60

  • Deductions from your wage required by law: Income tax £43.00 NI £21.56 (£64.56 deduction)

  • Any other deductions or costs from your wage: Pension if opted in

  • Any fees for goods or services: No

  • Example net take home pay: £393.04


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