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Please make sure you read and understand the Key Information Document for clarification on your pay and contract.


  • Name of employment business: Angel Human Resources

  • Your employer (if different from the employment business): As Above

  • Type of contract you will be engaged under: Contract for Services

  • Who will be responsible for paying you (if different from your employer): Angel Human Resources

  • How often you will be paid: Weekly

  • Expected or minimum rate of pay: National minimum wage or above

  • Deductions from your pay required by law: Income tax, NI, pension

  • Any other deductions or costs from your pay (to include amounts or how they are calculated): No

  • Any fees for goods or services: No

  • Holiday entitlement and pay: 12.07% per hour worked

  • Additional benefits: Accredited training, pension




  • Example rate of pay: £10.00 based on 22.5 hrs = £225.00

  • Deductions from your wage required by law: Income tax 1.40 NI 4.64 pension 4.08 (10.12 deduction)

  • Any other deductions or costs from your wage: Pension if opt in

  • Any fees for goods or services: No

  • Example net take home pay: 214.88


If you have any questions, please ask your consultant.

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