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International Women’s Day 2019

Raised in a show business family her father, a stand-up comic and mother a concert pianist, who had died tragically young from a rare lung disease, Janet ran away from home in Wiltshire at the age of 17 to become a showgirl at the famous Windmill Theater in London. Diagnosed with an exhausting disease inherited from her mother Janet unfortunately could not sit in one place and was endlessly seeking for new adventures.

And so in 1965, with three young children, her disease forcing her to leave the stage, she started to look for a new career opportunity. With no office experience Janet Crawford knew few things – she had exceptional communication skills, a sharp mind and strong desire to do things differently, but most importantly an outstanding capability to stand up for herself. This was more than enough to spot a challenging gap in the recruitment market where she quickly grasped a key subtleness of the industry and launched Angel Recruitment in a small office on Ludgate Hill, London, which soon became one of the top 100 recruitment agencies in the UK.

Often called Angel’s Margaret Thatcher, Janet always managed to balance her executive role at Angel with a busy career as an actress and motherhood of three children. The combination of theatrical training and business experience have resulted in Janet being invited as a guest on many radio and television programmes, where she became an influential character expressing her strong and inspirational opinion on mothers at work, employment opportunities for foreign people and compulsory support for disadvantaged communities. In her capacity as the Vice President of the British Association of Women Entrepreneurs, Les Femmes Chef d’Enterpreneurs Mondiales, she had consultative status on the Council of Europe in Strasbourg, where she took great interest in the trends in the economy of Europe, in particular where it had an impact on the Employment Industry.

Janet was proud of her work-life balance, which became a part of Angel Recruitment ideology – to inspiring all Angel shareholders women (employees, candidates and clients) find their own perfect balance.