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Hurry, The Christmas Job Countdown Has Begun!

You may think it’s too early for Christmas shopping but it’s actually bang on time to bag yourself a Christmas job.

With onlyto go till the big day companies across the land are recruiting thousands of temporary workers to help them spread some seasonal good work.

So, why not take a stroll through our statistical winter wonderland?

Christmas needs you!

1 Million People Work on Christmas Day

Yep, as most of us spend a day wrestling with wrapping paper or lying comatose in front of the telly others of us are hard at work.

Naturally, the clergy are number one in the Christmas working charts, but they’re closely followed by carers and nurses who make up about a quarter of those working.

While our demand for a silent night and sensational seasonal feasts means the hospitality industry is busy making our christmas wishes come true.

With the number working the Christmas shift set to rise year-on-year there are ample opportunities for those wanting to work.

20,000 Care Homes Make Christmas Better

Many care home residents are too poorly to go home for the holidays, meaning it’s down to care home staff to make seasonal care extra special.

So, as both family and staff get away over the festive break healthcare workers and their temporary recruits are dedicated to creating a welcoming atmosphere filled to the brim with seasonal cheer.

Talk about putting the spirit back into Christmas!

27% of Us Are Spending More Chilling Out

Green King’s Leisure Spend Tracker recently revealed that over a quarter of British adults planning to celebrate Christmas were intending to spend more than last year.

While in Christmas 2014 declared that “going out is the new staying in” after seeing a 10% rise year on year.

Not only that, but people are doing their Christmas dining in style, with Michelin-starred restaurants making a third of all bookings made on

Could Christmas be the perfect time to create the hospitality or catering career you’ve always wanted?

3 Wise Things Christmas Work Can Do For You

The great thing about Christmas working? It’s gift that keeps on giving.

1. ​As mentioned above, taking a temp job can be a great way to into that company you’ve been dying to work for – with many businesses retaining star staff on a permanent basis after New Year!

2. If you haven’t even got a toe on the industry ladder of your choice seasonal work can provide both valuable experience and personal insight into the sector. Kind of like an internship, but with pay – what’s not to like?

3.Studying? Got a family or other commitments? Then, part-time contracts and shift work makes for flexible working hours – so you can make your Christmas work work for you!

Just One Month To Go!

The festive period is way more than the sum of Christmas Day and Boxing Day, filling pretty much the whole of December with activities.

And, with retailers starting the buying bonanza on the notorious Black Friday – 27th November this year – the Christmas rush will be starting even sooner.

But it’s not just retail where the opportunities lie. Everyone from warehouse operatives to customer service assistants will be in demand to make sure purchases are picked, packed and delivered on time.

So, if you’re looking for seasonal work get your ice skates on. There’s no time like the present, as they say!

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