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How to Make Your Dream Job Work in Real Life

Recent research suggests young people’s career aspirations don’t match job market demands.

When the Education & Employers Taskforce, compared the dream jobs of 13-18 year olds with projected opportunities there was a big mismatch.

Surprise surprise culture, media and sport roles featured in many a teen dream. While the building & construction industry, which is likely to need new recruits, wasn’t so popular.

Why the mismatch? Well, apart from the obvious some City & Guilds investigating found that young people were:

Often misinformed on how to secure their ideal role
Lacking in understanding on the best routes into work
Pretty unaware of the actual range of jobs on offer

The problem? Careers advice is often failing young people.

This finding was  also backed up by a review undertaken by the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF), who found that careers education, impartial advice and first hand work experiences helped young people to achieve their goals.

So today’s tip for fledgling careerists – get all the careers experience and advice you can.

A part-time job, work experience or volunteering will give you great career insights – as well as skills and CV pluses
Getting yourself some careers advice from respected sources, like your local job agency say, will help you make informed career decisions and the kind of moves which will likely land you the kind of work you want to do

Make your career aspirations really work for you and do your homework!

What Next?:

Want extra support to move toward where you want to go in your career? Need guidance on how to best position yourself for that job? Any particular issues or insights? Let us know!

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