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Generation Yum – your foodie passion can be a satisfying profession!

Millennials have been dubbed many things but perhaps one of the most apt is Generation Yum. “Food and drink” is Pinterest’s most popular category, #food boasts over 200 million instagram posts and Visa Europe reports eating out is on the rise driven by – you guessed it – 18-34 year olds.

In fact food and cooking skills are now prized above fashion sense says creative agency Haygarth, who have another name for this switched on and tuned in demographic – the Inspiration Generation. Eager for ideas and novelty doing is king.

In Demand

The result? The so-called experience economy is booming. Indeed the hospitality industry is the UK’s fourth-largest employer and the British Hospitality Association’s 2016 report on Britain’s Food Service Management (FSM) sector showed that FSM businesses are now recruiting almost one third of the entire hospitality workforce.

And fresh foodies are in demand! From trendy healthy fast food outlets to Michelin-starred restaurants using the freshest of ingredients to locally sourced gastro-pub grub the FSM career menu is bulging with options for those with a passion for fresh produce and a desire for new experiences.

And, in contrast to so many other sectors hospitality offers great employment prospects to everyone from unqualified school leavers to graduates. As an agency who believe employees are often a company’s most overlooked USP Angel Human Resources is pleased to see a continual increase in the number of FSM clients who value a passion for food, common-sense and a good work ethic, over simply academic achievement.

Making Waves

In fact the sky’s the limit within the Food Services industry. Young people with the talent, determination and a nose for trends are increasingly setting up their own businesses. Business guru Richard Branson believes foodie start-ups – like Masons Beans – are at the heart of Britain’s “golden age of entrepreneurship”.

Whether or not entrepreneurship is your ultimate aim, all these gourmet goings on show that millenials are making waves. As someone who ran her own French bistro, before joining and eventually becoming a Director with Angel Human Resources, I know well the industry’s poor reputation for a lack of work-life balance, say, but young people are changing that!

Max’s Sandwich Shop is an award-winning sandwich shop that’s not open for lunch, instead opening at 5pm and weekends, with quieter days off to compensate. And our research tells us demand for flexible service times are expected to become increasingly commonplace.

While another great thing myself and Angel CEO, Russell Crawford, enjoy about the FSM sector is its inclusiveness. Nearly a quarter of the industry is from overseas and 28% of board members are women – positioning the food service management sector as a leader on gender diversity.

What Now?

In a sector which can take you round the world, whether through travel or taste, the experiences available to young people in food services and hospitality are inspiring. And Angel Human Resources are proud to support those keen to access those opportunities to work, learn, develop and maybe even start the next foodie trend!

Where it will take you? You decide.

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