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Finding Your Next Job – Think Like a Detective

Securing your next role can feel like being caught in a whodunnit, but Angel’s here to help shape you into the Miss Marple or Poirot of job detection. Read on to find out how to nail your killer [role]!

This September the International Agatha Christie Festival will be marking the 125th anniversary of the the birth of the Queen of Crime so, today, we thought we’d apply super sleuthing to job hunting.

Competition unleashed by technology and global trade, in recent years, means honing your job nailing skills is vital to career – and life success – so here’s how to get thinking like a detective.


Miss Marple acknowledged that time to spare was key to her mystery-solving prowess. Like sleuthing, job hunting can be a time-consuming process.

So, first up, set yourself targets and book time out in your calendar to research companies, look for opportunities and make applications. Remember the goal-setting acronym SMART: Specific; Measurable; Achievable; Realistic; and Time-bound.

Cast Your Net Wide

Gone are the days when newspapers contained the clues to the case at hand! Nowadays most careers are made online. Signing up to jobs boards – like Angel’s – can cut to the chase as you set search terms and receive alerts to roles which fit your specifications. Less hunting, more finding!

The internet also enables you to research roles and companies, while trade websites provide relevant industry information.

Go Undercover

Imagining off-line job-hunting is dead would be a red herring. In fact networking is a powerful way to make contacts, forge links and get the real low down on what it’s like to take on your ideal job or work for a certain company.

Instead of asking a contact for coffee why not try temping to find out more on the ground, as it were? Sherlock Holmes was a big fan of going undercover – although disguises are optional…

A Watertight Case

Once you’ve collated all your information look for any gaps in your profile. It’s vital your application is watertight or your ideal role could escape your grasp!

Haven’t got much in the way of essential requirement X? Get some training, read a book or take a course – take in our piece on CPD HERE, if you haven’t already.

Detectives are Different

From the opera-loving, well read Inspector Morse to the disarming scruff bag Columbo our favourite detectives are not only good at their jobs but they possess distinctive style.

Crafting your CV or application and cover letter quoting your USP – see our USP piece HERE – or using words appropriate to brand you, while honing the application for the role at hand, is key. Stun potential employers with your insight and personality, not ineptitude – or a grubby mac, for that matter, leave that to Columbo.

Get a Sidekick

This summer saw Partners in Crime, featuring husband and wife detectives Tommy and Tuppence, hit TV screens. While “dynamic duos” seem farcical in real life in actuality the sidekick scenario is one we may benefit from emulating.

A good sidekick acts as a sounding board for the questing detective asking questions, sharing alternative points of view, or being supportive after a set-back. This in essence is what a good agency can do for you.

We all know job hunting can seem a lonely process so working with a consultant who has expertise in your industry of choice, knows the market and has key contacts you may not otherwise meet is key to improving your chances of success.


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