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Don’t Be Just Another Brick in the Wall – overcome creative blocks

This weekend saw the opening of an exhibition Pink Floyd: Their Mortal Remains at London’s V&A museum.

Known for their philosophical lyrics – and humongous inflatables, especially pigs – the psychedelic-rock legends are emblematic of thinking outside the box – or beyond ‘the wall’.
Indeed, for those of you who may not know or remember, the famous track Another Brick in the Wall is for many seen as an anthem railing against constraints and narrow thinking.

And, while you might believe creative thinking has got no place in your tool box. Think again. In an ever-evolving workplace innovative thinking is key.

But, while bands like Pink Floyd might be creative by nature remember creative thinking is soft skill we can all develop.

So, this USP Your Monday, why not put more Pink Floyd into your thinking and scale any mental walls you’ve built up against letting your creativity flow?

A technique devised by Walt Disney Creative Thinking for Dummies urges us to try on each of the roles below in turn as a way to tap our creative depths:

Dreamer: Let your imagination soar and explore all the possibilities. No limits, no boundaries.
Realist: Put your feet back on the ground and consider the feasibility of your idea. Can you actually do it?
Critic (originally called the spoiler): Be your own harshest critic – if you don’t find the flaws in your idea, your audience will.

From the far out idea to creating a real-life experience or epic proportions to being their own harshest critics Pink Floyd is an example of this type of creative thinking in motion.

And, remember even David Gilmour’s creative technique is something he’s developed over time:

“My technique is laughable at times. I have developed a style of my own, I suppose, which creeps around. I don’t have to have too much technique for it. I’ve developed the parts of my technique that are useful to me.”

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