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Charlotte Brontë’s Guide to Career Success

This month marks the bicentenary of Charlotte Brontë’s birth. Best remembered as the author of Jane Eyre, one of literature’s most beloved and enduring stories, Brontë faced many career lows before achieving success.

So, this week, we’re taking a leaf out of Charlotte Brontë’s book[s] and applying it to life and careers and cakes… Tweet:We’re taking a leaf out of Charlotte Brontë’s book and applying it to life and careers @Angel_HR_UK #MyUSPMonday

1. Cultivate unshakable self-belief:

Anyone who’s watched the X Factor knows sometimes people just aren’t cut out for their so-called dream job, but other times you have to listen to that ‘voice inside’.

When Charlotte Brontë wrote to poet laureate Robert Southey to submit several of her poems he told her poetry was “…not an appropriate occupation for ladies.”

But she didn’t let this stop her.

2. When life gives you lemons:

We’ve all been there, right? You’ve applied for what seems like hundreds of jobs, gone on countless dates or attempted to create a cake a la Bake Off Creme De La Creme and it went all wrong.

But it’s time to rally and go at it from another angle. So, in 1846 Charlotte, Emily and Anne Brontë self-financed a publication of a joint collection of their poems.

Guess, what? It sold about three copies!

3. Make more lemonade:

So, your job hunt wound up with a couple of deadend responses or your Opera Aux Fruits is wonky – what would Charlotte do? Tweet:So, your job hunt wound up with a couple of deadend responses – what would Charlotte do? @Angel_HR_UK #MyUSPMonday

She got serious. The sisters put together their novels and bundled them off to the publisher. And another and another. As soon as the manuscripts were returned Charlotte added a new address and submitted them again.

4. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket:

It’s tempting to focus all your attention on one role, one company, one person, or one really hard-to-make cake in life, but Charlotte knew better than to rest on her iron-corseted laurels.

While she mailed out the manuscript of The Professor – no, not the novel you were thinking of – she kept busy writing. So, when The Professor was turned down but a beady-eyed publisher asked to see what else she had, she pulled out, yes, Jane Eyre.

And the rest dear reader, is history!

What Next?

We’d love to hear your ideas and insights around cultivating and maintaining self-belief when it comes to your career!

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