Onboarding Hacks for Employers

Having trouble retaining staff? How’s your onboarding process looking? (Via @thrive) https://bit.ly/2VDfBdH

Failing to Get to Interview 2?

Going for interviews but never getting to round 2? Check out this insightful post from @thebalance – then let us know if you we can help! https://bit.ly/2VXPX0k


Inspiration from Avengers Endgame

Tomorrow may be Star Wars Day, but Avengers Endgame is overbrimming with motivation Marvel style – according to @QuartzAtWork. Suffering with self doubt? This post is a must! https://bit.ly/2DJopEO



May Day’19: Start Your Summer Job Search

Want a summer job!? Here’s why you should sign up with a recruitment agency! PLUS other hacks from @Forbes https://bit.ly/2vFuIF7



National Gardening Week ’19

Seasonal menus are all the rage. So where does the urban chef get the freshest produce without a veg patch? (Via @Telegraph). Think NASA + LED lighting. What do you think of this grow-your-own trend? https://bit.ly/2y3DFbZ

Meet Gen Z

Employers! Turns out: “Gen Zers have some unique and possibly unexpected traits.” Get the lowdown via @VisualCap. Have questions? We can help! https://bit.ly/2Ih7RbU

Career Inspiration for Shakespeare Day

Got career ambitions? How are your communication skills looking? (Via @gethppy) Need career advice? We can help! https://bit.ly/2ZtTcyL


Easter Hospitality Trends

“[T]he number of Britons holidaying at home this Easter has literally doubled with 67% taking a break in the UK compared to 34% in 2018.” – FTNEWS stats. Taking your next step in hospitality? Sign up with Angel Recruitment + get support from sector experienced consultants who know the industry, love great service + keep ahead of the trends. https://bit.ly/2KXe2mC



A Fresh Approach to Social Care

“When I told people I planned to move into a care home for the weekend, they warned me I risked losing my laundry, if not my dignity. But my experience was different.” – says @saralivadeas of Freemantle Trust via @GdnSocialCare https://bit.ly/2HJoLP8



Notre Dame ’19

Today our hearts go out to our French friends. So many Team Angel members have beautiful personal memories of living, working or holidaying in Paris + the amazing Notre Dame Cathedral.