What it feels like to be The Boss’s Daughter # Yes, I work for a recruitment agency but I’m actually not that keen on recruitment

Yes, I’m well aware I work for a recruitment agency. Permanent is fine and it’s a great feeling placing someone in the job they want, making both client and candidate happy. However, Temporary recruitment? Just thinking about it raises my blood pressure. It’s not so much the recruiting aspect but more so the bookings. You want someone for Tuesday afternoon? But that’s this afternoon! I’m already running round like a headless chicken just thinking about it. I’m one of those people who likes things to be organised. Give me a client who orders in advance, I’m happy. At a days’ notice? Not so much. If a client organises a shift a week in advance, for me that’s enough short notice.


Our lovely consultants working on the temp desk are great. Cool, calm and collected with a moment’s notice on five shifts to fill and they thrive under that fast-paced pressure- me? Not so much. What’s worse is when you’ve spent hours covering a shift only for the candidate not to show up. We rectify these situations quickly but when you try your best and it doesn’t go to plan, it can be a bit of a blow. But somehow, it all works, and the client will ring again tomorrow.


Just like I said in last week’s blog, it’s about finding your niche. You don’t have to be a good consultant to work in a recruitment agency (but you will if you actually WANT to be a consultant.)


For now, let’s leave the last-minute shifts to the experts. I need a G&T to calm down….

What it feels like to be The Boss’s Daughter # Finding A Niche

We all throw wobblies at some point or another when we’re just not sure if something’s for us. I’ve had my fair share of these and there’s always that niggle whether to go into something else. For me, the niggle is art and design or something creative. I’ve always wanted to try and merge the two, but how do you merge art and creativity with recruitment I hear you say? It all started with a copywriting course and that’s where I found a little niche of mine.


The course was a day long- and it really did give me a new lease of life! Here I was able to be as creative as I wanted, as long as what I wrote turned out in some form or another to be a job advert for something we were recruiting for. Why stick with the norm? There are thousands of companies out there looking for the same thing. How do you stand out? By being different.


Towards the end of the course, we had a go at writing a job advert using all the techniques we had learnt. I won a box of smarties for writing about dancing around tables, why sediment’s a no-no and the possible chance of this job leaving you light-headed and unsteady on your feet. Any guesses? (It was for a Sommelier.) Better yet, when passive candidates who weren’t even looking for a job give me a ring, I know I’m doing something right.


It’s always important to try to sneak something you enjoy into your daily work life and then it won’t feel so much like work! Through the art of adverts, I’ve found a little piece of joy.


Ever read a rhyming job advert? If you did, I probably wrote it.

What it feels like to be The Boss’s Daughter # Wanting to be part of the team

It’s always hard to know how people will treat you. Will they be forthcoming with the latest office gossip? They’ll certainly notice that time you leave 5 minutes early or arrive 5 minutes late. Personally, I don’t feel like it has ever been an issue for me. I can understand it, but that’s why I make sure I get to work early, do my job and leave at the end of my working day, just like everyone else. I don’t want to be an outsider, I want to be part of the team and I certainly don’t want people to be afraid to say something, worried that I’ll run to daddy and tell.


If someone or something winds me up, I’m likely to tell the person I sit next to and they’ll tell me. I listen to my colleagues; I ask their advice and they do the same in return. I’d like to think there’s a mutual respect there. Of course, there’s always going to be things that they’ll never share but I accept that and understand why.


The key is that I don’t report to my dad and I’ll always refer to him as ‘Russell.’ He too understands that it’s important for us not be associated as father and daughter at work. He will tell me if I’ve done a good job, but he won’t shout it from the rooftops. That’s why it works, we’re on the same page. In meetings my opinion is important, but so is everyone else’s and there’s no favouritism.


If I had a pound for all the weekend phone conversations that start with ‘Hello Lily, its Russell, err… I mean Daddy’ but I too do the same. ‘Russell, I mean Daddy, can you pick me up from the wine bar?’ We’re so used to it but that’s a good thing.


I remember once, accompanying a colleague to a client meeting.  They introduced me as ‘Lily, her Dad owns Angel’ and I was mortified.  Its everything I’ve worked hard not to be. I want to be remembered for the skills that back up why I’m standing in the room, not because I share the same family genes.


I have tried to disassociate myself as a family member in the business, but this doesn’t mean I’m not proud to be part of the Angel family. I am, extremely so. The Boss, just like his mother before him says ‘There’s no family in business’ and he’s right. We’re a family company at heart but everyone is equal and has a job to do. If I’m not good enough, I’ll certainly know.


Will I delete these posts once they’ve run their course? Yes, because I don’t want to be the boss’s daughter, I want to be Lily.

What it feels like to be The Boss’s Daughter # An Introduction

You may or may not be the boss’s son or daughter, but chances are you’ve probably worked with someone who is.


Hi, I’m Lily. That’s how I introduce myself to all the new starters. I’ll never use my surname or tell candidates or clients who I actually am. I may speak of the fact that we’re a family business, but do they need to know I’m part of the Angel family? No. Because we all are.


Too old to attend Busy Bees and with both my parents working full time, my first days at Angel were spent ripping sprockets off timesheets and printing out images of my favourite popstars. I don’t think Danny (who still works here) has ever recovered from the amount of paper I wasted. I was about 8 or 9 at the time. Now? I’m 32, working here 8 years and counting. I’d like to think my current job title is a result of a mix of both winnings and losings in a number of roles I’ve done here. From office assistant to resourcer, temp and perm consultant, to trying (and failing) to build up a cold desk, I’ve had my fair share of good and bad times here. Would everyone else get a chance like that? No. That’s where I admit, I definitely have been ‘the boss’s daughter’- trying my hand at everything in order to find the sweet spot of what I’m actually good at, and I’m extremely thankful for that. There’s no point shoving it under the carpet, Russell has worked hard at Angel for most of his life, just like his mother did. He wants to keep it in the family if he can. What’s different now is that because I have the experience, I don’t have a free ride of trying different things. If I fail to do my job, I know where the door is, just like everyone else.


I may have tried more roles at Angel but what’s important to me is the evidence that I’ve had the experience of doing a job that I’m now telling someone else to do. I want the respect of others in knowing I have the experience and ability, not just the title.


Lily Crawford

Angel Journey #5 – Modern day conundrum

So the good news, after the vaccine there are no immediate side effects. I have however awoken with a rather sore arm but other than that no problems at all.


When it comes to the vaccination process, I was thoroughly impressed with the methodical and robust approach undertaken from booking the jab to receiving it. I wrote a comprehensive LinkedIn post today for it so please feel free to visit me on the platform (link below my name) and check it out.


Overall, the week has offered fantastic clarity with regards to the company direction, but I find myself in a real conundrum on our digital identity. It’s clear from the way the market is going that you need to push to be heard on the social channels but with a company with 55 years history that is a lot of work and money. Do you invest in it now when cash can be a little tight or do you invest when things are looking better with the risk you have missed the boat? Other routes could be to promote on an individual basis but that may risk, not meeting expectations.


One thing I said on an earlier blog is business is not a 100m sprint it’s a marathon, I would probably say it’s more like a Tough Mudder or Ironman competition. The reason I say this, is, there are many obstacles offering different routes to market, you need to pick one, research and work with the best information you can get and then hope for the best. Surround yourself with professionals you trust, learn from them so you know when you are being taken advantage of.


For those of you who have read my post I truly appreciate it and welcome any feedback you can provide. Have a great weekend.


Louis Borhani  


Angel Journey #4 – Reflection

After a pretty chaotic few months I decided to take a day off today.


Days off during lockdown definitely do not feel like days off anymore, you can’t do anything. However, Covid-19 has really made me reflect during my down time and allowed me the chance to think about the whole situation. The world before the pandemic had so many distractions and was moving at such a rapid pace that it was next to impossible to have the time to think about the course of action you were taking. Perhaps we will look back at this time in 20 years and say it was the world’s way to say, ‘calm down’.


One thing I think we can all agree is the world has become a lot more unified in our combined efforts to beat the virus. This is well received as we were become so divided on the Brexit issue, let us hope we can build upon this and continue to move forward. I also am having my Covid-19 Vaccination today as I am a foster parent, I am somewhat apprehensive, but it is for the best.


Tomorrow I will be back nose to the grindstone as it were and this week’s final update. Onwards and Upwards.


Louis Borhani

Angel Journey #3 – What happened to Brexit?

Very much a continuation of yesterday, speaking to the team to understand where and how they could grow and what support the company can offer.


Angel works in so many sectors it is interesting to see how differently the pandemic has affected each of them. One thing that I have been curious about, because of the pandemic, Brexit hasn’t impacted us quite as hard as it could have, had we not been locked down. Speaking to one of our industrial departments I was made aware that some European countries are offering a cash incentive and free ticket home to some EU nationals. Could this be a horror story in the making?


I have truly valued the time spent with the team this week. It has given me the opportunity to brainstorm with them individually to understand what inspires them and where they truly excel. It is also clear that there is not just one route to progression, we have to offer multiple paths to success. In recruitment I think we can sometimes be a little narrow minded in that all consultants may have to progress to management, some of my staff are outstanding consultants and that makes them happy.


This process I hope will allow the team to flourish further in the new divisions and develop a culture of sharing and support. To keep that culture at the forefront of the mind especially with salespeople is the way to build a sustainable business.


Louis Borhani

Angel Journey #2 – Courage

Today was all about communicating with the team our plans for the future and also to lay the cards on the table regarding the company’s current situation.


I have never been more proud to be a member of the Angel team. The courage and determination that all of them individually have shown not only survive the pandemic but to thrive thereafter, filled me with confidence that we will get through this. The struggles are real as some industries are heavily affected by the consequences of lockdown, however some are doing better than ever and this is where the focus has to be.


Recruitment is a heavily people orientated business and so it’s all about relationships and offering value. I feel Angel may never be one of the biggest agencies in the world but we always do all we can for the client and candidate giving a personalised service. I feel partnerships and reciprocal business are the perfect way to weather the storm and we have some amazing relationships going back over the last 55 years.


If you take anything away from this readers, engage with your clients and try to forge stronger relationships that secure you and offers them better value, when things start opening up. It’s technically only day 2 of a very long process but with speaking to the team we are building a strong foundation of growth. I am realising every day that this is more of a marathon than a 100m sprint especially regarding personal branding. All things that are sustainable generally are and to take your time to do it right means you have a scalable model for the future.


I saw a quote today from Winston Churchill that summed up today beautifully and will sign off today with it:


Louis Borhani

Angel Journey

After a truly devastating Covid-19 year we want to create a place where we can document our journey throughout the pandemic, the hurdles we have had to overcome and the road to recovery. For those of you who do not know me my name is Louis Borhani. I am Head of Sales and Marketing at Angel, a Company that provides both temporary and permanent staff to the Hospitality, Facilities, HealthCare and Industrial sectors. I am a parent governor, a registered foster parent and a highly passionate entrepreneur with what I believe to be a really positive mindset.


Personally, March 2020 started as a great month. I was promoted to Head of Sales, the contracts I had secured were developing well and the forecast was that I would have my best year yet. Then, in one split second everything changed. The lockdown wiped out a huge proportion of our business within the hospitality and catering industry and the whole team was forced to work from home. This hit us all hard but thankfully we kept track of the news and spent the best part of March engaging with healthcare clients and within a week of lockdown Angel started to receive vast numbers of bookings from the National Health Service (NHS).


To say that the Angel temporary teams have been brilliant would be an understatement. They have willingly retrained as NHS workers, covering cleaning and portering roles, even going into Covid-19 wards where required. We cannot thank them enough!


NHS work started to slow during summer and our pre-COVID-19 clients in Education were still not booking and that is when the harsh realities of business started to kick in. We had to re-evaluate our business model, what were we going to do, how could we replace lost business and with what? With the weather changing, come the winter months, the numbers of infections increased and the inevitable happened – another lockdown.


January 2021 I personally feel this lockdown is far much worse. With the future unclear and the team struggling to keep motivated we have had to dig deep, put a plan together and change direction. Lockdown has made us return to basics. We are using all the experience and knowledge of the team, lessons learnt from other strong business leaders to create a more versatile and successful outcome. Russell Crawford our Managing Director has taught me to look at things through the eye of the customer and now more than ever my focus is customer value in all parts of the business. To make this change we need everyone onside, fully committed and this is where we will start our journey together.


My blog will document our highs and lows. I hope you find value in our journey and perhaps it could aid you with your own challenges.


Thank you so much for taking the time to read this. I hope you will join us in this adventure.


Louis Borhani


Following the easing of lockdown restrictions, we wanted to advise all clients that we are still open for business and have been since the start should you require any needs for staffing. Nothing has changed for our clients; we are doing everything we can to keep serving you at our best!


In the last weeks, the government have enrolled a 3-step phasing to gradually assist us in getting back to normal. Angel are doing everything we can do ensure the safety of our workers and safety of our clients who we are currently supplying or will be in the coming weeks. We are now heading into Phase 2 in order to assist in the best way we can.


Summary of Phase 1 that came into effect on 13th May:


All workers who cannot work from home are able to travel to work if their workplace is open. Food production, construction, manufacturing, logistics, distribution and scientific research in laboratories were allowed to open. Garden centres and hardware stores were also amongst those who could re-open. Restaurants, cinemas, theatres, clubs, clothing stores, beauty and markets were to remain closed.


Face Coverings


The Government have advised that people should try to wear a face-covering in enclosed spaces where social-distancing may not always be possible such as on public transport.


What Angel are doing about Safety of staff and Facemasks?


We are providing face masks for all Angel employees to ensure our workers are best protected as possible. Strict Covid-19 Risk Assessments and medical forms are being used for candidates so that we can make sure they are fit to work. Each candidate completes a certificated Covid-19 Awareness Course along with Health and Food Safety. Where PPE is essential, we will never send a candidate to a client without written confirmation that PPE will be available for our staff members.


Phase Two (Will come into effect no earlier than Monday 1 June 2020):


A phased return for early years settings and schools. The Government expects children to be able to return to early years settings, and for Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 to be back in school in smaller sizes, from this point. Secondary schools and further education colleges should also prepare to begin some face to face contact with Year 10 and 12 pupils.
Opening non-essential retail. Further guidance on the approach expected shortly on the approach taken to phasing, including which businesses will be covered in each phase and timeframes involved. All other sectors that are currently closed, including hospitality and personal care, are not able to re-open at this point because of the higher risk of transmission.
Re-opening more local public transport in urban areas, subject to strict measures.


Phase 2 How can Angel Help?


Over the course of lockdown, we have been proud provide help for many of the NHS hospitals. Whether it be chefs, ward hosts or cleaners, all our staff have been trained to clean in Covid-19 spaces.


As many of our School clients can imagine, its going to be essential to put in place a strict cleaning regime before, throughout and after the school day once schools re open. Our team of staff are ready and available to help you put a cleaning regime into practice.
Every staff member will have completed a ‘Coronavirus Awareness’ course so that they are informed on how best to limit the spread of infection and how to spot symptoms.


Need help getting back on your feet with recruiting?

Take advantage of our CV vetting service offers!


What’s included?

  • Advertising your role on a job specific job page (e.g. Caterer).
  • Basic vetting of CV’s (Rights to work confirmation, check of basic history, availability).
  • GDPR declaration.


Rest assured Angel are here, working hard to keep things going. Please get in touch to see how we can help you get back on your feet. Call us on 0207 940 2000 or visit us on www.angelhr.org