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Registration process

You will meet with one of our lovely resourcers who will help you through our registration. You can do this online or face to face with us in the office. We will ask for copies of your documents, have a friendly chat and then provide you with training in order to help you in your new role with us.

Do I need training before joining you?

Not always! For the majority of roles, we can provide you with training before you start. There are some jobs where you may need experience, for example, Chef’s who will need a background in their field.

How long does it take to register in order to start working?

How long is a piece of string? If you can complete everything when asked, you can usually get registered within a couple of days. Roles which require a DBS Check may take a little longer as it depends on how quick your checks come back. However, we can always start you at a non-DBS client if you are waiting.

How flexible am I in choosing where and when I want to work?

We aim to make it as flexible and enjoyable as possible for you! Why? Because without you, we can’t run a business! We will ask you what type of roles you enjoy and when/where you want to work and will do our best to accommodate you. We will never make you go to a job that you aren’t comfortable with.

Who will I work with?

Client wise you could be working with Hotels, Restaurants, Schools, Offices, Livery Halls, Care homes and many more. Dependent on each client you could be working with other Angel candidates or those from different agencies or perm staff.

Who is responsible for giving me work?

Your consultant will be responsible for giving you work. We work with many candidates so if work goes a little quiet, give us a call or pop in so we can tell you what’s available.

Will you be able to keep me busy with work if its temporary?

Yes. Don’t think of it as temping, if you want to work 5 days a week, we can make that happen. Most of our clients have been with us for years so there’s limited risk in working one week and not the next. We always have similar jobs available if your usual client e.g. (a school) shuts for the holidays.

What about permanent work?

We do have a permanent division so let us know if you are looking for perm work. Always do your best when working at our clients, they may offer you a permanent position, you never know!

Do I get holiday and holiday pay?

Yes! You accrue holiday pay for every hour that you work. The great thing about agency roles is that they fit into your lifestyle and can be very flexible meaning that you can take holiday when you need. Just remember to let your consultant know in advance so we can get cover for you.

How does pay work?

You are paid weekly. Payroll always runs on a Wednesday with earnings reaching you every Friday. This only changes around bank holiday times. You may use a timesheet or if you use our app, timesheets are autogenerated for you.

Do I need a uniform?

Not always. Some clients request black or white shirt and trousers, but we will go through this with you before a role. We have clothing should you wish to purchase this from us.

Can I apply from abroad? What documents do I need to have in order to apply?

Unfortunately, we can only register those who live in the UK. Those who live abroad are welcome to come and register once they are settled in the UK.  You will need the following documents to register: Work permit, x2 Proof of Address, National Insurance and references. We can help you with the rest.

Is there a minimum age for applicants?

Yes. Candidates must be 18+ to register with us.

How does your referral scheme work?

We find that some of the best candidates are friends from those are already working with us. We run offers throughout the year where you can win prizes, vouchers or money for referrals. Just tell us the name of your friend and if they are successful in registering and working with us for a given amount of time, you’ll get rewarded.

Do you have a mobile app for your shifts?

We do! We have an app that can send you push notifications for all our jobs. If you want to apply, you just accept the role from your phone. It’s as easy as that!

Anything else? Give us a call or use the live chat to ask us!

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