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Blue Monday: Look Better, Do Better, Feel Better

Did going back to work after the Christmas break feel like Groundhog Day? Was your commute a squeeze not just in person but on pocket, mind and spirit? If so, welcome to Blue Monday, officially the most depressing day of the year!

Monday’s are rarely described as the best day of the week, but Blue Monday is supposedly a perfect equation of all that is wrong in life jam-packed into one single day.

Our best days? Christmas Eve and Day, followed by New Year’s Day, Valentine’s Day and the ‘first sunny weekend of the year’ according to researchers.

Which is interesting. Right? Because these ‘best’ days can easily be pretty much the worst days of the year too. Think Valentine’s Day when you’re looking for love or Christmas away from your nearest and dearest, for example.

Bringing us to our first USP Your Monday thought of the year:

How about turning Blue Monday on its head and changing dark, drab and depressing into something more energising? Tweet: How about turning Blue Monday on its head and changing dark, drab and depressing into something more energising? @Angel_HR_UK #MyUSPMonday

Because now the Christmas glow has worn off your New Year’s goals and it’s back to life as normal the only way to maintain momentum is to put some oomph into your actions. And, the first way to do that is to change the way you think about where you are now.

Our tips:

1.Don’t like getting up for work in the dark? Well, “How you wake up predicts how well you’re going to function over the rest of the day,” says Professor of Psychophysiology at the University of Westminster.

So try a light clock which wakes you gradually, like natural sunlight, or put your alarm clock on the other side of the room so you can’t hit snooze. Then follow with a bit of exercise or dance around to some uplifting music to pep you up.

2. Hate your commute? Dr. Frank Ghinassi, associate Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Pittsburgh, speaking to The Huffington Post, says you can feel a greater sense of control over your commute by simply reminding yourself that the trip is the product of your own life decisions.

He suggests using that time to catch up on calls, read or listen to audiobooks; or to simply see it as an ‘oasis of time’ between work and home.

3. Loathe your job? Well, unless you’ve got another position lined up chances are you’ll have to wait it out for a while, so update your CV, sign up with an agency and change your attitude while you search for something new.

Chris Baréz-Brown author of Free! Love Your Work, Love Your Life recommends finding one thing frustrating you at work, and doing it differently. This could be as simple as dressing differently, socialising with different colleagues, adopting a new filing system, or even just moving seats.

Any particular issues or insights on Blue Monday? Need help with your job search? Let us know!

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