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Best Customer Service 2013

The Business Excellence Awards honor the “Best of the Best” results in more than 400 small and medium sized businesses from around the world, and showcases exceptional results for business owners, entrepreneurs, their teams and their companies.

Established in 1965 Angel Human Resources has a reputation for integrity and professionalism. With a team of directors who are fully hands on and approachable, consultants recruited from the industry they serve and reflect the company’s ethos of expertise, loyalty and commitment. The company is proud to announce its 98% customer retention rate!

When asked ‘What does company do to make its customer service excellent’, MD of Angel Human Resources shares his five point system – ALERT:

When your client has informed you of a problem don’t push it to one side. Action it immediately! Many clients are lost on the assumption that you don’t care. Show that you care about their business by responding quickly, be honest, set out a plan of action, clear deadlines and keep to them. Follow up to assure that issue has been resolved and it does not re-occur. Too many clients are lost in business because of employee and director apathy. Simple meaningful statements like ‘Thank you for your business’ can make all the difference.

2.Listening skills:
Never forget 80/20 rule! Seek to listen 80% and speak 20% of the time, whether its your client or your employee. Use your limited time to gain all possible information to find out as much as you can about people and their pains. Think ‘out of the box’ and work your magic to find bespoke solutions to gain a competitive advantage to differentiate yourself from your rivals.

3.An enjoyable place of work
Our employees spend at least third of their 24 hour day at work and most of them in client facing roles. Their productivity and passion for work is heavily dependent on the working environment and internal company culture. From my personal experience small thoughtful things such as ‘You can do this’ and ‘Thank you, you have done an amazing job this month’ helps boost employee productivity. While ownership of bespoke solutions and brainstorming sessions works best to support a cohesive working team so do employee or department recognition for a job well done at quarterly award presentations.

4.Result Planning
Most of our competitors can meet the needs of our clients, but as business should we not only meet but exceed their expectations. As business people we need to be planning one step ahead, gone are the days when good customer service meant getting to know your client over a friendly cup of coffee and repetition of the same thing we as a company have always done. Client expectations have increased, they want to know how your product and service will enhance their service offering, how it will really affect their business and bottom line results. How flexible is your service offering and how will it enlarge and improve with time. Are we really providing a solution or are we selling just words.

5.Training for employees
And finally, no one is perfect. There will always be areas of work your employees don’t know or forget to apply in their daily practice. It is vital to have a well developed induction, consistent product/service training as well as personal development reviews. Support your employees with such things as interactive product script to ensure nothing is missed each time you or your employees have an opportunity to speak to client.