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Angel Journey #5 – Modern day conundrum

So the good news, after the vaccine there are no immediate side effects. I have however awoken with a rather sore arm but other than that no problems at all.


When it comes to the vaccination process, I was thoroughly impressed with the methodical and robust approach undertaken from booking the jab to receiving it. I wrote a comprehensive LinkedIn post today for it so please feel free to visit me on the platform (link below my name) and check it out.


Overall, the week has offered fantastic clarity with regards to the company direction, but I find myself in a real conundrum on our digital identity. It’s clear from the way the market is going that you need to push to be heard on the social channels but with a company with 55 years history that is a lot of work and money. Do you invest in it now when cash can be a little tight or do you invest when things are looking better with the risk you have missed the boat? Other routes could be to promote on an individual basis but that may risk, not meeting expectations.


One thing I said on an earlier blog is business is not a 100m sprint it’s a marathon, I would probably say it’s more like a Tough Mudder or Ironman competition. The reason I say this, is, there are many obstacles offering different routes to market, you need to pick one, research and work with the best information you can get and then hope for the best. Surround yourself with professionals you trust, learn from them so you know when you are being taken advantage of.


For those of you who have read my post I truly appreciate it and welcome any feedback you can provide. Have a great weekend.


Louis Borhani