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Angel Journey #4 – Reflection

After a pretty chaotic few months I decided to take a day off today.


Days off during lockdown definitely do not feel like days off anymore, you can’t do anything. However, Covid-19 has really made me reflect during my down time and allowed me the chance to think about the whole situation. The world before the pandemic had so many distractions and was moving at such a rapid pace that it was next to impossible to have the time to think about the course of action you were taking. Perhaps we will look back at this time in 20 years and say it was the world’s way to say, ‘calm down’.


One thing I think we can all agree is the world has become a lot more unified in our combined efforts to beat the virus. This is well received as we were become so divided on the Brexit issue, let us hope we can build upon this and continue to move forward. I also am having my Covid-19 Vaccination today as I am a foster parent, I am somewhat apprehensive, but it is for the best.


Tomorrow I will be back nose to the grindstone as it were and this week’s final update. Onwards and Upwards.


Louis Borhani