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Angel Journey #3 – What happened to Brexit?

Very much a continuation of yesterday, speaking to the team to understand where and how they could grow and what support the company can offer.


Angel works in so many sectors it is interesting to see how differently the pandemic has affected each of them. One thing that I have been curious about, because of the pandemic, Brexit hasn’t impacted us quite as hard as it could have, had we not been locked down. Speaking to one of our industrial departments I was made aware that some European countries are offering a cash incentive and free ticket home to some EU nationals. Could this be a horror story in the making?


I have truly valued the time spent with the team this week. It has given me the opportunity to brainstorm with them individually to understand what inspires them and where they truly excel. It is also clear that there is not just one route to progression, we have to offer multiple paths to success. In recruitment I think we can sometimes be a little narrow minded in that all consultants may have to progress to management, some of my staff are outstanding consultants and that makes them happy.


This process I hope will allow the team to flourish further in the new divisions and develop a culture of sharing and support. To keep that culture at the forefront of the mind especially with salespeople is the way to build a sustainable business.


Louis Borhani