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Angel Human Resources reveals 2014 Employee Satisfaction Index results

The Angel Human Resources annual Employee Satisfaction Index 2014 unveils 37.6% of employed people are actively looking or are considering to look for a new job in next 3 months. Recruitment Consultancy’s Employee Satisfaction survey found that in comparison to last year the number of people age 18-45 years looking for new job opportunities has increased by 44%.

The survey has also revealed that that 85% of Business Leaders are worried about losing their best C-level employees. Number has doubled in comparison to last year from 45.7%.

No surprise that salary is the main reason for employees’ decision to look for a new job. 42% of men surveyed and 31% of women admitted that a higher salary would influence their decision to leave their current work place even when they have not actively searched for new opportunities.

The second, third and fourth most important reasons for people deciding to leave their jobs are lack of motivation including boredom with their existing job routines, lack of reward schemes and career growth opportunities – 19% of participants (14% in 2013), dissatisfaction of work-life balance – 17.3% (12.6% in 2013) and poor management and leadership system within the company 11.2% (8.9% in 2013).

London remains a city with the highest rate of new job seekers – 57% of people claiming they are looking for new job opportunities. In comparison Yorkshire remains the area with the most loyal employees – just 23% of participants think about job changes. The main reason, reduced supply of new jobs in the market and minimal differential between salaries paid for similar positions.

Russell Crawford MD of Angel Human Resources claims that ‘money will always be #1 reason for people to change jobs’. However, we can see a significant increase on employees’ emotional connection to their work place including internal culture, the people and most importantly career growth as well as personal/professional development opportunities. All three combined with transparency, clear company / job role vision and directions being very important areas to consider when planning talent acquisition and management within the company.