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5 Time Savvy Tips for a Successful Job Hunt

‘The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot. – Michael Altshuler


Ever heard the saying – job hunting is a full-time job? This can seem daunting enough if you’re looking to get back in the job market. But it can positively stop you in your career-climbing tracks if you’ve already got a full-time job.


So, this USP Your Monday we want to dispel this job hunting myth. Looking for your next role – whether it’s a step up, a foot in the door, or a step change – does NOT have to take up all your time. But a good job search should be taken on in a similar way to a job. Here are our top time-savvy tips.


An effective job search:


  • Needs a plan – staying motivated throughout the ups and downs of a typical job search can be challenging. Feeling stuck? Then you’re likely to turn to the nearest box set instead of getting down to business.


  • Career experts advise having a career plan with various milestones – not just the one got-the-job destination. Setting milestones help you see that you’re making progress towards your ultimate (overall) career aim.


  • Is best in short bursts – Start with 30 minutes to an hour a day and build up. Short bursts help avoid distraction. Like your milestones, breaking your daily job hunt into bite-size chunks makes your tasks more palatable – and thus achievable.


  • Takes commitment – like a job, you can’t just job hunt when you feel like it. Schedule time in your diary dedicated to your job hunt.


  • Requires focus – don’t apply for roles willy nilly. Know what you’re looking for and apply for jobs which strongly match your capabilities and requirements. Think quality over quantity when it comes to job hunting.


  • Needs motivation – It’s tempting to put off job hunting (or other tasks) till tomorrow. So, you need to remind yourself why you’re looking for a new role and the benefits it could bring to you NOW.


Of course, another time-savvy tip we’ve yet to mention is to join an agency, like Angel. That way your consultant can be looking out for roles which could be perfect for you too.


And as there’s no time like the present begin with your CV and our post on why this is the ideal time to start your job hunt (not New Year!)


Want to up your career game? Got a goal you need help with? We’d love to hear your insights or issues. And for some real-life support to help you get productive and make those career moves happen faster get in touch with one of our friendly team today!


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