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Video Recruiting: Elevate Your Brand, Save Cash + Make Better Hires

Video recruitment technology might sound intimidating, but actually it’s a simple, effective, time-saving method which can help elevate SME brands and speed up the hiring process for big business. Here’s why.


Video is Doing the Talking


In their 2019 trend forecast The HR Director claimed this would be the year the CV died. Why? Because your millennial (born 1980 -1994) and generation Z (now reaching their early 20s) candidates are digital natives.  And, if you want to stay ahead in this candidate-driven market then you need to speak their language.


This cohort love brands they can get to know, want jobs with meaning, and they love video. In fact, a recent study by Cisco predicts that by 2021, 80% of all internet traffic will be video. That’s why video recruitment works. But there’s more, our new video interviewing technology can help you:

  • Attract the right fit for your team, with on point branding
  • Hire talent faster, with minimal fuss, and for less money
  • Give you more control over the interview process


How? Well, let us explain.


Great Brand, Great Talent


According to Millennial & Generation Z expert Ryan Jenkins  the top obstacle to Millennials accepting a job is “not knowing what the company is like.”


Indeed, LinkedIn research suggests that over 75% of job seekers consider a company’s brand and reputation before applying. While the rise of social recruiting – where you use social media networks to build a relationship with potential candidates – means videos are key to getting attention and telling your story to your ideal audience. But, it  doesn’t stop there. Great Place To Work says:

“Across hundreds of companies we’ve surveyed, Millennial employees who were proud to work at their company were 19 times more likely to say they planned to stay long-term.”


Ultimately a great branding strategy is key to attracting and retaining the right people for your business – and our video recruitment technology can help you hone your message and reach the right candidates.




Well, for starters, we can help you create a slick and welcoming company intro you can use across all your interviews – no more repeating yourself, over and over, like you do with regular interviews, especially in those initial selection rounds. Phew!


Saving Time & Money


Speaking of interview rounds. Did you know it takes an average of 27.5 days to make a hire in the UK? That’s way too long when you consider that the best candidates are usually snapped up within 10 days. Indeed half (54%) of recruiters admit to losing a key candidate to another opportunity, all because of their lengthy hiring process. Yet cutting corners can be just as dangerous, with 2 in 3 recruiters having lost money due to poor hiring decisions!


And, as you know, recruitment can be expensive. According to the ISE 2018 Recruitment Survey:  “[I]n addition to staffing, employers are also spending an average of £2,189 for every new hire.”


Which is why employers, like you (over 50% in fact), are actively trying to reduce hiring costs. Fortunately, our video recruitment software means you no longer run the risk of losing great candidates or wasting money due to complex recruitment processes.




Our video interview technology provides you with an effortless interview process. Choose one-way video interviews, where you record questions, and review candidates’ answers when it suits you – meaning you can screen more candidates much faster.


While two-way video interviews negate the need for travel and let you get an insight into a candidate (ie, non-verbal cues) without even having to leave your desk. All of which saves you a lot of time, and ultimately, money.


Easily Review & Compare Candidates


In its Future of Video report Cass Business School found: “65% of SMEs and large organisations consider video to be the most ‘engaging’ communication channel, compared to a distant 13% for print…”


While the report concluded: “[V]ideo’s ability to bring people ‘face-to-face’ together instantly at critical moments improves collaboration and problem solving, increases productivity and accelerates innovation.” Meaning in future video recruitment software will be key to a successful hiring process and maintaining an effective team.




Well, that’s simple. One-way or two-way all our interview videos are recordable and shareable, giving you and your colleagues the ability to go back and review a candidate when it suits each of you. No more relying on scribbled notes. No more misremembering.  No more waiting for you all to be in the same place at the same time. And, no more having to re-interview.


It’s a Must


Our video recruitment software gives you more control over the hiring process from start to finish. Now you can present your company brand in a way which attracts your ideal candidates effortlessly – saving you time and money. While colleagues can collaborate – securely – when it comes to making those all important hiring decisions.