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London 2012 Stats – Why You Should Get Involved in the UK’s Next Big Event

This week marks 5 years since the London 2012 Olympic games. Can you believe it!?


Now, we heard a lot about the benefits of the Games, but did they work their supposed magic on mere mortals like you?


Indeed can getting involved in key cultural events like the Olympics or the UK City of Culture – which Hull is hosting this year – help boost sectors like hospitality and construction, as well as your personal career prospects?


This Friday Eye View we’ve taken a look:


  • One chance – London 2012 Chairman Seb Coe said the Games were a: “…[O]nce in a generation opportunity to showcase everything that makes Britain great in order to generate long-term economic benefits.”


  • £16.5 billion for the UK economy – an Oxford Economics study predicted the 2012 Olympics would generate this much by 2017. While another report predicts the benefit to amount to £41 billion by 2020. But many economists say it’s too soon to tell the real impact…


  • Over 46,000 jobs – London 2012 saw thousands of Games-related jobs generated at a time of global recession. It’s claimed nearly 40% employed during the Games were previously unemployed


  • 8,000 construction opportunities – The Olympic Delivery Authority had themes that underpinned the construction programme and became the core of its procurement policy, like excellent and innovative design and access to jobs


  • 1,139 ads – the number of Olympic Park jobs being advertised according to a 2012 Metro newspaper study


  • 2 in 5 hospitality roles – hospitality & catering peeps were in demand in 2012 according to the Metro’s stats


  • Over 3/4s of hospitality businesses – said they believed they’d see a long term benefit following the 2012 Games, according to The Caterer


  • London visits up by a 1/5th by 2016 – with forecasts by London & Partners suggesting that London tourism would see stronger long-term growth. However Brexit has caused some uncertainty according to PwC research


  • £7.3 billion boost from Construction – the Construction industry saw a huge benefit according to a report commissioned by the UK Government


  • 98% of Olympic facilities built by British companies – generating much-needed business for 75,000 firms


  • 17 per 100,000 worker-hours injury rate – 2012 was the safest Olympics ever delivered, with an injury rate far below the 0.55 industry norm – which was great for business!


  • 70,000 volunteers – the “unsung heroes” who gave their time and energy were seen to be key to the Games’ success


  • Countless opportunities – Leisure & Events Management student and 2012 volunteer (or Games Maker) Mairead McMahon saw her career dreams come true on the back of the Olympics, going on to work for Manchester United and Disney World, Florida.


She told the Mirror:  “Everything I have learnt from London 2012 has helped me in all aspects of life…If it wasn’t for volunteering it wouldn’t have happened.”


On her interview with Disney World Florida she went on to say: “The first thing they asked in my interview was about London 2012.”


In conclusion:


As we reach the 5 year anniversary of the 2012 Games and we watch Hull thrive as UK City of Culture 2017 it’s clear to see that big events like these can change lives.


Just this year Hull City Council has revealed that 90 new businesses had been established, or changed use, and 550 new jobs have been created since 2016 alone.


While people taking part – whether as employees or volunteers – can reap huge rewards many might not have accessed easily.


Find out more on how to volunteer, including the 2012 volunteering legacy programme Join-in here. You never know, your future career success could start here.


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Next Steps:


We want to hear your thoughts on the impact of getting involved in sporting or cultural events like these. Were you working or volunteering at London 2012? What did it do for your confidence or career? We’d love to hear your thoughts.


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