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What’s Your Mindset? Why How You Think Might Get You a Better Job

What makes people successful? A great education and worthwhile extracurricular activities?

Well, from September 100 primary schools across Britain will be taking part in a study, Changing Mindsets, to find out if a “growth mindset” can improve success rates.

Coined by US psychologist Carol Dweck apparently whether you have a “growth mindset” or a “fixed mindset” affects your performance both at school and in life.

So, how could this idea affect recruitment and even help your career?

We asked our consultants what they thought.

1. For a while success for organisations has centred on the concept ‘talent’. But what is talent exactly?

According to the CIPD:
“Talent consists of those individuals who can make a difference to organisational performance either through their immediate contribution or, in the longer-term, by demonstrating the highest levels of potential.”

How that’s interpreted differs from business to business. But according to Amanda Callen, at the Institute of Employment Studies (IES) talent is an asset has to be bought in to a company at a price.

2. What does that mean for candidates?

So, job ads tend to list sets of talents and strengths required, meaning candidates often bypass a job if they don’t ‘tick all the boxes’.Tweet:Candidates often bypass a job if they don’t ‘tick all the boxes’. @Angel_HR_UK #QAngel
3. While that may help recruiters doesn’t it keep candidates in a box?

Well, it can do, as recruitment selection processes tend to assess candidates on existing qualifications, experience and qualities. Which goes against the “growth mindset” theory that people’s talents aren’t necessarily fixed.

4. So, what does a “growth mindset” mean in practice?

Exactly that. With a “growth mindset” if you practice or put the time in you can learn more and develop your strengths and abilities. Tweet:With a “growth mindset” you can learn more and develop your strengths and abilities. @Angel_HR_UK #QAngel
5. But, won’t a recruiter always choose realised talent over potential?

Not always. While it may seem easier to discount candidates on account of their qualifications or because they lack certain experience on paper, in the last few years some recruiters, Angel included, have begun to include values-based recruitment in their practice.

6. What can values-based recruitment tell you?

By using personality tests, for example, we can see where a candidate might fit into a team and the company’s culture. Tweet:By using personality tests, we can see where a candidate might fit into the company’s culture. @Angel_HR_UK #QAngel
7. So personality and potential can be worth pursuing?

At Angel we often assess personality, as well as other factors, to help identify the personal benefit a candidate can offer and recruit the right person from the start.

This means we can create effective teams which can be supported appropriately, so if that means providing specific training we’ll do it.

8. What’s your advice to candidates, then?

If you haven’t got the qualifications and experience to do a certain role it doesn’t always mean you haven’t got a chance. Tweet:If you haven’t got the qualifications and experience it doesn’t mean you haven’t got a chance. @Angel_HR_UK #QAngel
Angel Care, for example, takes wannabe care workers and trains the candidates with potential – we’re talking soft skills like great empathy, listening and communication – on the job.

9. But what else does having a “growth mindset” mean for careers?

We’ll have to wait and see what this schools-based study finds out, but some research suggests people with a “growth mindset” make better negotiators and coach staff more effectively.

10. What next?

Find out if you’ve got a “growth mindset” by taking this free online test on the Mindset website.

Plus, the kids in the study we’ve mentioned will be watching a film filled with stories of people who’ve succeeded against the odds like Charles Darwin, who was never a great student and dropped out of med school. So, you could try searching out your own inspiring stories and broaden your own horizons!

Now over to you:
Have any thoughts on what you’ve read? Want to share your Mindset results? Got any burning questions we could put to future Q & Angel guests? As ever, we want to hear what you’ve got to say!

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