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What it feels like to be The Boss’s Daughter # Yes, I work for a recruitment agency but I’m actually not that keen on recruitment

Yes, I’m well aware I work for a recruitment agency. Permanent is fine and it’s a great feeling placing someone in the job they want, making both client and candidate happy. However, Temporary recruitment? Just thinking about it raises my blood pressure. It’s not so much the recruiting aspect but more so the bookings. You want someone for Tuesday afternoon? But that’s this afternoon! I’m already running round like a headless chicken just thinking about it. I’m one of those people who likes things to be organised. Give me a client who orders in advance, I’m happy. At a days’ notice? Not so much. If a client organises a shift a week in advance, for me that’s enough short notice.


Our lovely consultants working on the temp desk are great. Cool, calm and collected with a moment’s notice on five shifts to fill and they thrive under that fast-paced pressure- me? Not so much. What’s worse is when you’ve spent hours covering a shift only for the candidate not to show up. We rectify these situations quickly but when you try your best and it doesn’t go to plan, it can be a bit of a blow. But somehow, it all works, and the client will ring again tomorrow.


Just like I said in last week’s blog, it’s about finding your niche. You don’t have to be a good consultant to work in a recruitment agency (but you will if you actually WANT to be a consultant.)


For now, let’s leave the last-minute shifts to the experts. I need a G&T to calm down….