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What Does a Personal Statement Look Like?

You may remember you have up to 8.8 seconds to make an impression with your CV. And, it all starts with your personal statement – which, inevitably, should be short and sweet.

What Does a Personal Statement Look Like?

A personal statement is a short, introductory paragraph to your CV. And, it should:

– Give a brief overview of what you have to offer – 50-200 words
– Be tailored to the position you’re applying for – use the person and job specs as guides
– Outline your particular expertise and experience

In essence:

Your personal statement should draw your recruiter in.

Make it ‘Personal’ & Make a ‘Statement’

This sounds obvious, but when you’ve read as many personal statements as we have, you’d know most of them are rather impersonal and thus unimpressive.
Remember to keep ‘on brand’ using words relevant to your USP or unique selling points – take a look at our USP tips here.

Be Natural

Don’t overdress your statement, it should flow.

Whether you write it in the first (I) or third person (he, she, it or they) is down to personal choice, but bear in mind that using the third person can sometimes sound a bit formal.

You want to make a lasting impression and give a glimpse of what you, personally, have to offer.

What Next?:

We’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas on writing a good personal statement.
Any particular issues or insights? Need help? Let us know!

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