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Put Some Magic into Your Career Choices Harry Potter Style

We all know making decisions can be daunting. Whether you’re going for a new job or buying a bigger house making decisions can affect everything – for better or worse.

So, today we’re taking Harry Potter as inspiration – did you know it’s 15 years since the release of Harry Potter & the Philosopher’s Stone movie?! – and getting a better understanding of what it takes to make a good choice.

1. Identify your goal

Sometimes we make bad decisions because we don’t know what we want in the first place.

Think you need a new job? Ask yourself why. Tweet: Think you need a new job? Ask yourself why. #MyUSPMonday @Angel_HR_UK
Is it a new career, a new challenge or a new team which attracts you? Don’t make a decision based on the wrong problem.

2. Know your deal breakers

If you’re changing career, for example, will you take a drop a salary? If so, how low can you realistically afford to go?

If your new role will mean longer hours what extracurricular activities can you simply not do without?

Knowing your deal breakers or must-haves helps you discard some opportunities outright.

3. Know how you want to feel

How good you feel about your decisions is usually more important than how good they are objectively.

The so-called ‘best’ opportunity may not be the ‘best’ for you. Tweet: The so-called ‘best’ opportunity may not be the ‘best’ for you. #MyUSPMonday @Angel_HR_UK
If you have to give up playing football, which you love, keeps you fit and is the centre of your social life, for a job with great pay, you might not feel so great in the long-run. So learn to trust those feelings.

4. Be aware of biases

Bad experiences stick in our minds more than good ones. While we can be distracted by seemingly great pay-offs which aren’t really payoffs at all depending on how they’re presented to us.

Remembering this tendency to biases can help you make clearer decisions.

5. Take time

Pressure can result in poor choices. Take reasonable time to consider the pros and cons. Collate all the information. Then, take a break from it. Or, as the saying goes ‘sleep on it’.

Giving yourself time to really digest your options and their pros and cons can help you to make a more considered choice.

6. Reflect & realign

You’ve made your bed. Now you’re lying in it how do you feel? Content? Uncomfortable? Excited?

Ask yourself if you’re nearer to feeling the way you want to feel. If you are: what did you do right? If not: how can you improve your decision-making process in the future?

Need help on making a career decision? Let us know!

What Next?:

Have you made a career choice you regret? Need any guidance on the steps you need to take now? Let us know!
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