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Must-Know Facts for Young Aspiring Leaders

If you’re an aspiring #girlboss – a la Sophia Amoruso – or the next #TheApprentice champ you need to ask yourself this: Have I got what it takes to lead? Because this June Ernst & Young (EY) surveyed SMEs (small and medium enterprises) on the work-readiness of young people.


The result?


Over half of SMEs said young people didn’t have the core skills needed for an entry level job in their organisation! This feedback follows last year’s Age of Uncertainty survey findings that:


Over half of young people (56%) find it hard to get the experience they need to get the sort of job they want. Which is why EY has teamed up with the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) and created the #SchooltoWork initiative.


Speaking at the launch, Petra Wilton, CMI’s Director of Strategy, said:


“Young people aspire to become leaders but it’s currently luck of the draw whether they get the necessary chances to learn how.”


So, this Friday we’re focusing on young people and what you need to know now about getting the career you want.


Check out our round-up of the need-to-know stats:


  • 9 in 10 employers report struggling to recruit workers with the right skills over the last year – according to the Open University.


  • Almost all (97%) employers consider core skills important when recruiting“It is essential that every young person gets the support they need to fulfil their potential ….. The right behaviours and experiences are as valuable as the right grades,” the CBI said earlier this year.


  • Core employability skills are considered, in this case, to be:
    • Communication
    • Problem-solving
    • Resilience
    • Meeting deadlines
    • Punctuality


  • Over three quarters of young employees (16-20) are in low paid jobs – recent records show


  • Nearly two-thirds of young people (63%) are interested in leading a team – although girls are lagging behind boys


  • One in three young people reckon they don’t know about employers in their local area – just over half of young people say that employers have come into their school to talk about opportunities


  • Most young people get careers advice from their parent or guardian – hmmm…


What to do now:


Already left school or college? Want to find out more about the core – or soft skills – which make you really employable?


  1. Find out more about employability skills here on our Angel Values video.


  1. Then, read more on our core values (soft skills which make Angel and our candidates stand out):


  • Punctuality – good time-keeping equals respect for others
  • Dependability – doing what you say you will in the best way
  • Hard work – being ready, willing and able
  • Wellbeing – be committed to taking care of each other
  • Care – if you love what you do, you can’t wait to do it!
  • Pride – go above and beyond the call of duty!


  1. Want more specialist advice on the kind of opportunities available in your area? Contact Angel on 0207 940 2000 or and speak with one of our friendly consultants today.


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