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Making Your Career Experience Count

We’ve discussed the concept of “show not tell” when it comes to career achievement before.

But, this time we’re talking numbers.

Sometimes numbers speak louder than words – especially on a CV where clarity and concision are key. TWEET THIS.

So, use numbers and statistics, where possible, to really make your skills and experience shine. TWEET THIS.

For example, if you were a waiter and shift leader at a busy restaurant you could say:

Provided excellent service at a busy, 50 cover, restaurant and supervised up to 8 waiting staff per shift.

Alternatively, if you work in a role where profitability matters explaining it in money terms will speak even louder than plain old numbers!

Implemented a new stock control system that saved the business over £2,000 per year.

Last, but not least, percentages are a great way to illustrate what you can offer a recruiter in no uncertain terms:

Increased social media following by 200%

Says even more than:

Increased social media followers by 750

See. Easy as 1,2,3!

What Next?:

We’d love to hear your ideas and insights around quantifying your career experience!

Any particular issues or insights? Need help? Let us know!

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