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How Cakes Can Improve Your Career – baking optional

Stressed is just desserts spelled backwards‘ – Anon


Cakes are everywhere. It’s the start of #NationalCakeWeek and we’re still weighing up our opinions on the Great British Bake Off (#GBBO2017).  But have you thought what cake can do for your career?


Nope?! Then. Ready. Set. Get inspired.


  • Be the icing to the workplace cake – From graveyard shifts to warring work colleagues some workplaces can be less than inspiring. But just because everyone else has got the workplace blues doesn’t mean you have to.


  • Tip: While tasty treats can certainly help create a better atmosphere, it’s you who’s really the secret ingredient. Check out HBR’s post on the importance of positive workplace cultures here“Caring for, being interested in, and maintaining responsibility for colleagues as friends…” is key to workplace productivity research says.


  • Sharing is a piece of cake – While knowledge can be power people often take it to extremes – especially at work. Guarding their know-how so no-one else can take a bite. But empowering others is powerful too.


  • Tip: Spreading your knowledge around more liberally will help you and your colleagues. It means they don’t always have to badger you when you’re busy. And, it helps build trusting relationships. You know what they say – “Give a man a cake and you feed him a day; teach him to bake and you’ve fed him for a lifetime.” Or, something like that…


  • Breaks, like cakes, should be taken in moderation – It’s ofen tempting to keep your nose to the grindstone so you can leave dead on time or meet that deadline. But smashing your way through your To Do list can be counterproductive. Mistakes anyone? With that in mind: It’s important to take breaks.


  • Tip: We’re not talking constant interruption-type breaks – they’re no good for your concentration or productivity at all. But consider working in one of the scientifically proven methods out there – like the 90-minute slot method (designed to work with the body’s natural rhythm). As Mary Berry says: “You just have a little slice.”


For some healthier cake baking options check out this Glamour Magazine post. And, for some speedy and easy recipes see the @theminimalistbaker on Instagram (including: vegan peanut butter and banana shortbread).


‘…[If] you must earn your bread, try to make it sweet with cheerfulness, not bitter with the daily regret that isn’t cake.’ – Louisa May Alcott 


Want to up your career game? What top 3 things inspire you? We’d love to hear your insights or issues.


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