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Doodle, Eat, Walk – 8 Productivity Hacks with a Twist

Are you wasting time?


We all wish we could be more productive and efficient at work. We’ve even given you a productivity tip or two in past posts, like this one – READ . But, seeing as today marks the end of Zero Waste Week we thought it seemed like a good moment to revisit making the most of our time.


However, this Friday’s Angel Eye View focuses on productivity hacks with a twist. Unexpected ways of getting more out of your day – like: doodling and eating, say… So, what are you waiting for!? Read on and discover eight unexpected ways to stop wasting time and get where you want to go.


  • Start as you mean to go on – Skyler Sutton Founder of RAIN – an app that helps small businesses reach local customers – says:


I decide to get out of bed on the right side every day. In other words, before I get out of bed I think to myself, “How positive do I feel?” If the answer is anything other than very positive and excited for the day, I decide to reset my thoughts at that point and focus on the best possible outcome the day can bring.


  • Identify your Productivity Style – Are you a Priotizer, Planner, Arranger or Visualizer?


According to Carson Tate – an expert on workplace productivity and the author of WORK SIMPLY: Embracing the Power of Your Personal Productivity Style – your productivity style dictates your preferred mode of behaviour when it comes to getting things done.


Nearly half of us are deadline-meeting Prioritizers and just a few of us are Visualizers. Why does this matter? Well, while deadline-motivated Priotizers work better with time-blocking, Visualizers prefer a more relaxed timetable. Meaning: working the wrong way could be hampering your productivity no end. Find out your style here.


  • Don’t write your lists in a list – Think list and you think: long and vertical. So far so good. Except list expert Ben Schott, author of Schott’s Original Miscellany, a compendium of lists, reckons we’re approaching listmaking all wrong.


After all we don’t think in a ticker tape line. One thing after another. Instead we think a little here, a little there. So why not create your lists in way which really works with your brain? Try mind-mapping for starters – has a handy guide here.


  • Play pop music – Increase your productivity time by nearly 60% by turning up the beat.


We’ve actually mentioned this little known hack before – for more music-at-work tips see HERE – but it’s worth repeating for those who kinda forgot, or maybe didn’t catch the post first time around. Just remember to wear your headphones. We don’t want a Katy Perry v Taylor Swift office showdown.


  • Eat more – Time-efficiency guru Tim (4 Hour Work Week) Ferris interviewed a whole gaggle of successful types in order to find out their productivity secrets. And guess what? One said drinking pu-erh tea with one or two tablespoons of coconut oil helped keep them on track.


If that sounds a bit zen master, or just plain errgh, to you then why not simply try eating small, frequent meals? This is said to help keep your blood glucose levels, well, level, avoiding those energy dips we tend to get after a lunch binge.


Indeed Organic September is the perfect time to explore some of the healthier options available – follow #FeedYourHappy for some fresh eating tips.


  • Got a meeting? Go for a walk – In the shower, out for a run, on your commute. The best ideas often come while we’re on the move.


So, if you’ve got a one-to-one why not try going for a walking meeting? It’ll help notch up those 10,000 steps a day you should be taking too. Two birds, one stone – just saying!


  • Doodle – Turns out all that doodling you do while waiting for your bank to take you off queue music is actually pretty productive.


Sunni Brown author of The Doodle Revolution and TED speaker – watch her under 6 minute talk here – reckons doodling (in moderation) can help improve comprehension and creative thinking (and thus productivity).


Luckily September 22nd’s National Doodle Day  (in aid of Epilepsy Action) in the UK and October is host to World Doodle Day no less – so pens to the ready!


  • Do this in the last 10 minutes of your day – Admit it. If you’re keen to make a getaway you’ve kinda wound up 10 minutes or so before it’s actually time to leave the building. So, why not make better use of this ‘time pocket’ and get clear on your To Do list?


Start by checking off what you’ve accomplished today and then take a look at what’s on for tomorrow. Is your day looking streamlined and organised?


Have you checked to see if that meeting’s still on? Where do you need to go for that conference? Is tomorrow the deadline for ordering X? Have you got the numbers? Who do you need to chase?


Spending a few minutes planning tomorrow’s activities will set you up to be much more productive. In fact productivity experts STL have created an infographic of what you could do in those last 10 minutes here.


Next Steps: We want to hear your productivity hacks and time-wasting problems. What helps or hinders you? And, if you’ve taken the Productivity Style test – what type are you? We’d love to hear your thoughts.


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