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Care Sector Superhero Achievements – You’ll Be Amazed!

Social care gets a bad rap. From underfunding to bad press the sector is often cast as the baddie.

Yet satisfaction levels among service-users is higher than ever.

Today, inspired by London’s Comic-Con spectacular, we’re addressing this injustice and celebrating this year’s care superhero achievements.

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The sector’s “…better informed and more successful than ever.”

Says Anthony Douglas – chief executive of Cafcass (Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service).

Looking back over a 40-year career in the sector he told The Guardian:

“Social care is the fourth emergency service and often helps people at the most critical point in their lives choose life over death.” … And “I am privileged to do what I do, despite the pressures. It has been a fantastic career and profession to choose and be part of, I recommend it to others.”

The UK’s end of life care is ranked ‘best in world’

This October saw the release of a study by the Economist Intelligence Unit which evaluated 80 countries across five categories:

“…[T]he palliative and healthcare environment, human resources, the affordability of care, the quality of care and the level of community engagement.”

Fantastic news came when it was confirmed the UK had retained its top ranking:

“…[T]hanks to comprehensive national policies, the extensive integration of palliative care into its National Health Service, and a strong hospice movement. It also earns the top score in quality of care.”


“…[Staff are] doing their best for the people using their services every day and night, going above and beyond to look after everyone who needs their services.”

The CQC (The Care Quality Commission) released its annual report The State of Care and Adult Social Care in England 2014/15 and the good news was:

“…[A]lmost 60% of services were providing good or outstanding care; 85% of services – which includes nursing and residential homes and domiciliary care – were found to be caring…”

They went on to say:

“This is heartening given the challenging circumstances facing all the sectors we regulate, and particularly adult social care.”

The quality of care for older people is “a million miles” better today than it was in the 1980s…

Says Chai Patel, Chairman of HC-One:

“When I first came into the sector, there were no contracts – nobody knew what what the rights were for the resident.

Now we have clear, positive rights; a much better understanding of needs, including the needs of relatives; the quality of food is totally different and there are meaningful activities – back then, you were lucky if there was a bit of bingo. We have come a long way.”

People take centre stage

April this year saw the Care Act 2014 become law.

The aim is to promote service-user wellbeing and independence and care workers must now:

“…[L]ook at the person’s life, considering their needs and agreed outcomes in the context of their skills, ambitions and priorities.”

This is about taking a strengths-based approach to care and, importantly, putting people at the centre of understanding their own needs and decision-making – which is great, right!?

96% of adult social care workers said they feel their work makes a difference!

Skills for Care – home of the National Skills Academy for Social Care – believes that the adult social care sector has “…plenty of opportunities for progression” too.

“Working in social care is about providing personal and practical support to help people live their lives. It’s about supporting them to maintain their independence, dignity and control.

Because of the increasing number of disabled younger adults living longer and the growing number of older people needing care, adult social care is growing and the sector needs at least another 1 million workers by 2025.”

Thinking about social care? Could you make a difference? Tweet: Thinking about social care? Could you make a difference? @Angel_HR_UK #AngelView

“Find one positive thing you have achieved each day and tell somebody about it.”

In fact it’s your duty as a social care worker – or future care worker – to Stand Up for Social Work!

You may remember a little thing called the General Election happened back in May.

Well, this prompted Community Care to relaunch their Stand Up campaign to:

“[R]aise the profile of social work in an election year and in the face of budget cuts combined with huge demand.”

And, top of Stand Up for Social Care’s “Top 100 actions” list? Yep, share your good news! Tweet: Thinking about social care? Could you make a difference? @Angel_HR_UK #AngelView

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