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Angel Journey

After a truly devastating Covid-19 year we want to create a place where we can document our journey throughout the pandemic, the hurdles we have had to overcome and the road to recovery. For those of you who do not know me my name is Louis Borhani. I am Head of Sales and Marketing at Angel, a Company that provides both temporary and permanent staff to the Hospitality, Facilities, HealthCare and Industrial sectors. I am a parent governor, a registered foster parent and a highly passionate entrepreneur with what I believe to be a really positive mindset.


Personally, March 2020 started as a great month. I was promoted to Head of Sales, the contracts I had secured were developing well and the forecast was that I would have my best year yet. Then, in one split second everything changed. The lockdown wiped out a huge proportion of our business within the hospitality and catering industry and the whole team was forced to work from home. This hit us all hard but thankfully we kept track of the news and spent the best part of March engaging with healthcare clients and within a week of lockdown Angel started to receive vast numbers of bookings from the National Health Service (NHS).


To say that the Angel temporary teams have been brilliant would be an understatement. They have willingly retrained as NHS workers, covering cleaning and portering roles, even going into Covid-19 wards where required. We cannot thank them enough!


NHS work started to slow during summer and our pre-COVID-19 clients in Education were still not booking and that is when the harsh realities of business started to kick in. We had to re-evaluate our business model, what were we going to do, how could we replace lost business and with what? With the weather changing, come the winter months, the numbers of infections increased and the inevitable happened – another lockdown.


January 2021 I personally feel this lockdown is far much worse. With the future unclear and the team struggling to keep motivated we have had to dig deep, put a plan together and change direction. Lockdown has made us return to basics. We are using all the experience and knowledge of the team, lessons learnt from other strong business leaders to create a more versatile and successful outcome. Russell Crawford our Managing Director has taught me to look at things through the eye of the customer and now more than ever my focus is customer value in all parts of the business. To make this change we need everyone onside, fully committed and this is where we will start our journey together.


My blog will document our highs and lows. I hope you find value in our journey and perhaps it could aid you with your own challenges.


Thank you so much for taking the time to read this. I hope you will join us in this adventure.


Louis Borhani