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Angel Journey #2 – Courage

Today was all about communicating with the team our plans for the future and also to lay the cards on the table regarding the company’s current situation.


I have never been more proud to be a member of the Angel team. The courage and determination that all of them individually have shown not only survive the pandemic but to thrive thereafter, filled me with confidence that we will get through this. The struggles are real as some industries are heavily affected by the consequences of lockdown, however some are doing better than ever and this is where the focus has to be.


Recruitment is a heavily people orientated business and so it’s all about relationships and offering value. I feel Angel may never be one of the biggest agencies in the world but we always do all we can for the client and candidate giving a personalised service. I feel partnerships and reciprocal business are the perfect way to weather the storm and we have some amazing relationships going back over the last 55 years.


If you take anything away from this readers, engage with your clients and try to forge stronger relationships that secure you and offers them better value, when things start opening up. It’s technically only day 2 of a very long process but with speaking to the team we are building a strong foundation of growth. I am realising every day that this is more of a marathon than a 100m sprint especially regarding personal branding. All things that are sustainable generally are and to take your time to do it right means you have a scalable model for the future.


I saw a quote today from Winston Churchill that summed up today beautifully and will sign off today with it:


Louis Borhani