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Past / Present Job Market Outlook

As 2017 winds up we thought it was the perfect time to highlight the workplace news you need to know going into 2018.


From communicating in 40 languages to communicating your worth, to trends in working and hiring or the most lucrative learning, get the lowdown on what’s up in the world of work and recruitment.


One in three employers think half their workforce will work remotely by 2020


More and more people are working remotely and flexibly. Flexi-workers have increased by 12.35% from 2012 – 2016 according to ONS stats. While the TUC reckoned remote working had gone up by nearly quarter of a million over the last decade.


Easing the stress of the work-life balance conundrum, yes, but also increasing productivity, morale and retention, which pleases employers too. Get the lowdown here:


The secret to increasing workplace diversity …


Fair Opportunities for All: a strategy to reduce pay gaps in Britain called on the government and businesses to improve equality in earnings for women, ethnic minorities and disabled people. It’s key advice? Offer more flexible working arrangements. As we’ve seen things are changing on this front, but this report goes further, saying it would:


“…[R]emove the barriers facing some individuals at work and improve professional opportunities for all. At present, women and disabled people are more likely to have to accept lower-paid, part-time work to fit in with their needs. This leads to their underrepresentation in the workplace at all levels.”


Other recommendations were also made – find out more here:


LinkedIn is testing a new “super-selective” recruiting tool


If you haven’t got a LinkedIn profile get one! And, then read this. The latest innovation is Talent Insights, a feature intended to be rolled out next summer. LinkedIn’s head of product for Talent Insights, Eric Owski, says this new tool “… taps near real-time data to show recruiters where the most talented workers are by location, employer, industry, and skill set.”


Owski explains that Talent Insights is designed to show recruiters “hidden gems” and it is hoped, will increase diversity in selection.


2017’s most lucrative degrees


You may have been there and done that. But if not you may have wondered which degree is really worth it in the workplace. If so, you’ll be pleased to hear crowdsourcing research company Emolument has made a list. It analysed 2,400 recent graduate employee salaries across 15 degrees.


Find out which degrees earn top billing here…



Older job seekers more likely to be unemployed


While older people may have got further up the housing ladder it turns out things aren’t looking so rosy on the job front. If you’re an older worker and you’re finding it hard to get a new job you’re not alone.


Turns out that almost half (47%) of people aged 55-64 who used a popular jobs board were looking for a job because they were unemployed. Compared with just a third of younger candidates.


Older people were also more likely to have been made redundant and were most likely to have been out of work for more than two years.


Why do we hate our jobs when we reach 35?


Apparently 35 is the age we reach peak job dissatisfaction. Research by Happiness Works found one in six over 35 year olds were unhappy in their jobs. This compared to one in ten 18-34 year olds.


The reason? Possibly that career ladder you’re so keen to climb. The higher you go the more pressure you’re likely to feel. Combine that with, err, the work-kids-house-life balance and it can all feel rather … stressful.


What motivates employees more – reward or punishment?


This might worry you but when medical staff in one New York hospital were observed it turned only 1 in 10 sanitised their hands before and after entering a patient’s room. Yep. And this happened despite knowledge, warning signs and even cameras (they knew they were being recorded). So what made compliance rates soar to 90% in almost 4 weeks? A feedback board which gave them a positive message and a shift scoring system.


According to neuroscience at work rewards may be more motivating than punishments.


Why? Well, the theory goes that to ‘win’ at anything means taking action – ie the opposite to NOT doing something. Fear and anxiety – the threat of poor ratings, say –  can cause us to withdraw and give up, not inspire us to succeed. As proved by many a failed health campaign which focused on warnings to elicit change.


Plus, for some reason we’re more likely to think negative info isn’t related to us. While happily putting our cash on the even more unlikely lottery – because: it could be you!


Google Translate makes the Babel fish reality


AS tech innovations continue to shake up the workplace as we know it the latest to hit the headlines is Google Translate. Likened to the famed interpreter Babel fish from Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy Google Pixel Buds are earbuds which “…can translate 40 spoken languages nearly in real time”.


Find out more about what they do and how they do it here:

Are you one of the UK’s unhappiest workers. Is this the reason?


According to a study by search engine Adzuna some of the happiest workers in UK are those in HR – yay! -, consultancy and construction.


While, two out of five workers believe they are paid less than their colleagues for doing the same job!


But, because workplace pay is often shrouded in mystery – remember that BBC pay debacle earlier this year? – over half those surveyed said they had no idea of their true value to employers.


Time to get more transparent on pay?


Do you know your worth? And can you ask for it? With all the talk of wage stagnation it might seem harder than ever to ask for a pay raise. If you’re stuck then check out this TED talk. Pricing Consultant Casey Brown “…shares helpful stories and learnings that can help you better communicate your value and get paid for your excellence.”


Her key advice? It’s not about YOU. “Make it about the other party. Focus on serving and adding value, and it won’t feel like bragging. What do you love about what you do? What excites you about the work that you do? If you connect with that, communicating your value will come naturally.”


Get inspired here:


Next Steps: We want to hear your 2017 workplace news! How’s your job hunt going? Feeling the urge to make a change in 2018? Why? What’s stopping you? We’d love to hear your thoughts.


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