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5 Must-Read Articles for Grand Career Designs

Have you got grand designs on your career? Then this Q & Angel is for you!

We asked our consultants for their top career tips based on what they’ve seen or read in the past month or so.

Here’s what they said.

1. Communicate confidence by communicating confidently

Robin Kermode, one of Europe’s leading communication coaches, and author of Speak So Your Audience Will Listen advises on the importance of speaking with confidence – even if you’re wracked with nerves.

In this article he gives you 5 simple exercises to help you do just that – including: sticking your tongue out (not at your boss though!) and even pushing a wall.
Read the article at People Management here.

2. Take – and give – criticism with grace

As soon as I could, I fled to the toilets and cried,” writes Suzy Bashford, after a colleague told her she was ‘judgemental’.

Once I had composed myself – and reapplied my make-up – I felt anger welling up inside me: towards my colleague, yes, but I was also cross with myself for reacting so emotionally and unprofessionally to that remark.”

Criticism is a bit of a minefield, right? On the one hand people are often pretty terrible at giving it, but they’re often even worse at receiving it. And, the truth is in order to grow professionally, we need to be able to take and use criticism.

This article gives you some great ways in which to take – and give criticism – in a way which will help everyone, including: asking for feedback from “eight to 10 people who have your best interests at heart”.

Read this Psychologies article here.

3. Don’t panic if you haven’t got a graduate job in 6 months

The outgoing Head of UCAS was in the news last week after giving an interview to The Daily Telegraph where she said:

You have plenty of time to figure out how to be successful in the workplace, so I think obsession with graduate employment within six months is unhelpful. Graduates have still got to learn how to function in corporate and working life. Once employed, if they’re good, they’ll get promoted really quickly.

In short, many of us work things out once we’re in the workplace – so don’t get too hung up on getting that great job ASAP!  Read The Telegraph article HERE.

4. Careers aren’t linear and you don’t need to know everything!

In a book aimed at women writer and content strategist Wendy Sachs’s  Fearless and Free: How Smart Women Pivot — And Relaunch — Their Careers has much to say to us all.

The first thing that struck me when reading this was the myth of linear job progression. Most of us move a bit to the side, or take a role we regret at some point. The point is to learn something!

And as Sachs says, “Most jobs these days will want employees who can wear many hats”. Which, means broad experiences can be a benefit.

On the other hand, we can feel huge pressure to know everything – especially as technology evolves at such speed.

But the truth is you can’t know everything. “Pay attention,” Sachs advises, “But does that mean that you need to be the go-to expert in it — or that everyone needs to be an expert in everything? Absolutely not.

However it is possible to utilise the skills you already have in new fields, and grow into a job at the same time. Read this ES article here.

5. Develop English communication skills to have better career options

Sounds obvious, but foreign workers looking to work in English-speaking companies could set themselves apart – even further – by developing all-round English communication skills.

Research by Cambridge English – a body dedicated to teaching, learning and assessing English – has found that while recruiters have believed proficiency in spoken English is key, in fact:

The findings … suggest that employers require a high-level of proficiency in all four English language skills – reading, writing, speaking and listening – with reading being the most important.

Read the article at Recruitment Buzz here.

Now over to you:

Have any thoughts on what you’ve read? Are you searching for a new job? Want to ask about your particular career issues? Got any burning questions we could put to future Q & Angel guests? As ever, we want to hear what you’ve got to say!

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